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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Liebster Award!!!!!!!!!!

I am overwhelmed , another award..Though I have been away from my blog for sometime now, I am thank full that I am still remembered...Seirra Poirier of Dear,restless reader nominated me for this award..and oh my I am super excited...

The rules are..

  • Copy paste the award onto your blog
  • Put forward 11 questions, nominees with less than 200 followers and 11 facts about yorself.
  • Answer my 11 questions
  • Leave a comment on your nominee's blog page telling them about the award.
  • Thank your nominator

Few random facts about me..

  • I am always surrounded by books and papers, it's either my research or my love for books...
  • Call me boring but my love for museum and prehistoric things hasn't left me..
  • I hate pizzas and burgers
  • I can speak four languages ( Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and of course English), it's a perk of being Indian that comes naturally , but not good at writing Tamil and my mother tongue Malayalam
  • I love history and historic fiction more than anything..
  • I am a travel freak but I like to be organised at it...
  • I can be a night owl and an early bird depending on my schedule..
  • I play side and seek with my niece and nephew..

Let me try and answer the questions by CC

1) Who is your favourite author and why?
Though there are quite many, William Dalrymple and Orhan Pamuk are undoubtedly my favorite.. Dalrymple is a wonderful historian who can bring out the neglected part of an important historic event or place by adding interesting tales so well that , even a boring subject can turn out to be an interesting piece...His love for history comes across through his intense research and writing, while Pamuk has given unique vantage to fiction ..He brings out the shades of human characters so well that I just treasure those..

2) What Kind of books do you like to read?
I love non-fictions ,history  tops the list but  nowadays I experiment a lot with fiction too thanks to the blog tours..

3)Who would be your fictional book boy friend/ girl friend?
That would be Valek of Poison study..He is a sought of character who like a breeze is gentle yet the feel of it is always strong..He is there for his love in spite of odds..I would love to keep Jane Eyre as my girly buddy forever..

4) How often do you read and where?
I read everyday at least for an hour no matter what and I read a lot when I am travelling..

5) What's something important you've learned from blogging?
Blogging has taught me the art of staying organised so that there is always my time for what I love apart from my work...Above all it has given me many friends with such wonderful thoughts and ideas that has only expanded my horizon which would have never happened otherwise..

6)If you could be a character from a book who would you be? why?
That is a difficult question not because I have too many choices but there are none..Though there are n number of memorable characters that I have treasured, I have never really felt like being one..I guess I'll have to think more on that so that I'll be in a position to answer that next...

7)Genres that just don't interest you?
Science fiction, self help and erotica are just not my kind of genre ..Though I have nothing against them, they don't interest me much...

8)Best blogging experience yet?
I got  mails from my friends and few others ,that reading my blog  inspire them to read..I was in cloud nine learning  that I could make a difference..

9)Top 5 favorite books of all time?
1-They go on my top first list...Mother, Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, War and Peace
2-White Mughal
3-No Ordinary times
4-The Argumentative Indian
5-The poison study

10)Two books you're dying to read that haven't yet been released?
1-Mauscript found in Accra by Paulo Coelho
2-Che in Paona Bazar by Kishalay Battacharjee

11)What book(s) got you interested in reading?
Disney Fairy tales kindled my love for stories. Jane Eyre and David Copperfield gave me the taste of pleasure of reading followed by War and Peace and Mother hence they are my all time favorite..

Phew I am done with my questions, 

And here goes my nominations

Congratulations all..
And my questions are:

1)What was the driving force for blogging.
2) Do you have a TBR list which you follow or is it a random read.
3)Do you have a target for every month regarding number of posts and books to be read.
4) Top 5 favorite books and why?
5)Do you see yourself as an author someday ?? Give reasons for either yes or no..
6)How do you manage your time for blogging.3 best sellers that never clicked with you
7) Who is your favorite cartoon character?
8) What is reading and good books to you?
9) Top 5 books you have disliked.?
10) On what basis do you choose a book to read?
11) Top 5 favorite authors and classics of all time.

Have fun everyone.


  1. Congratulations VB and thanks do much for the award. As you know I am a little behind in my awards accepting giving so I will post my own within the month!

  2. My dear new blog-friend, I accept with pleasure your honor of nominating me for the Liebster Award! It was a wonderful surprise, and comes at the most opportune time of my third blogoversary, which I shall be celebrating in many different ways over the course of the month of February. I will get on to fulfilling my requirements as soon as I am able, and will be sure to post to you the link on that day.

    Thank you for helping to highlight my blog, "Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror," in which, as you have stated, "some days are cloudier than others!"

    Many thanks,
    Paula Tohlne Calhoun

    1. I have completed the requirements. Here is the post, and thank you again!

    2. Here is my completed acceptance, and thanks again!


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