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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heart of the hunter by Linda Anne Wulf

Title:The heart of the hunter
Author: Linda Anne Wulf
Publishers: Hydra publication
Genre:Historical romance
Rating:3 out of 5
Source: Publishers

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Fianna witness a murder and is hunted by the killer..Running for life she falls,while her hope for survival is fades away, a stranger a boy of almost her age saves her..He disappears in a swish just the way he appeared..Eight years  later they confronted each other by the twists of fate..Fianna is intrigued by the indifference of the stranger she has been waiting all her life..Stuck in Manor house with the killer after her, will Gareth (stranger) and Fianna solve the mystery thereby discovering their lost charm??
Set up in a countryside with a murder mystery,romance yet to be unraveled a twist here and there, best part the author gives all of these right in the beginning  ... What more you need to get you reading ..Of course those were my initial thoughts...The prologue got me glued to the book ..I couldn't wait to know about Fianna's savior and  the love of her life...But the stranger unexpectantly turns out to be in the very same house Fianna is forced to live while their old connection seemed distorted much to the agony of Fianna...In spite of eight years she makes no mistake in recognizing those eyes...Fianna seemed silly heading to the forbidden forest time and again..I love author's play of letting out clues in bits and pieces..But the whole plot was spoiled for me when I figured out, that Fianna and Gareth were hunting for the wrong person..Another disappointment was the Fianna Gareth intimate plots..Man that ran to pages... I felt they could have been edited and skimmed..I liked the love hate relation of Fianna and Gareth , when I almost feel that everything set on a smooth ride ahead of them something drives them apart...The tour around Manor house was amazing for me with its strange people around, the ghostly aura gigantic windows and paintings...The whole writing paints an age gone by effortlessly...The way Fianna's mother leaving her children in manor house without leaving a message was so not like her character, yet it added to the mystery of the book...All in all "Heart of the hunter" is  a breezy read that takes you high right in the beginning...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Reminiscence of Cuban revolutionary war by Eenesto Che Guevara

Title: Reminiscence of Cuban revolutionary war
Author: Eenesto Che Guevara
Publisher: Harper Collins UK Original
Price:Rs 295
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Personal

Buy Reminiscences of cuban revolutionary war from Flipkart
Buy Reminiscence of Cuban revolutionary war from Amazon
Che's scriptae of the Cuban revolutionary war as he lived it...From few dedicated soldier to become the Rebel army that overthrew Batista's regime..International icon and a pioneer of guerrilla warfare , it is first hand account of the troop..
I started to take notice of Che Guevara for his face used to pop out from many of my friend's T-shirt..I found the style interesting his eyes penetrating and dark hence I developed a liking for this man not knowing about his contribution to the Cuban history..Then I was fascinated about him through history teacher then finally started to read this when I was in college...
To start with I loved this book...I also loved Rambo series as a kid, I was wondering that a hero who was doing his job for the money offered to him and people went gag over it..And as you read you'll realize there were true men who actually went beyond heroism for a great cause they believed in and for common men...The book has two parts., Part 1 consists of group of men in the process of forming an organised Rebel army that threw the dictatorship of Batista...Che Guevara known as Che was an Argentinean still fought for Cubans and towards the end of the book he refers himself as a Cuban and this is the main point that sets him apart as an international icon...Che a physician had to choose between his devotion to medicine and duty as a revolutionary soldier right in the beginning ..He quotes
"There, at my feet was a backpack full of medicine and box of ammunition." 
We all know what he chose!!!Many times he faces death sometimes wounded at times with no weapon , still he is able to think calm to think about death as a situation in hand that he wanted to face it dignified..Once he thinks about a story about Old Jack dying in Alaskan ice.. Now that really takes real grit to think about something like that rather than freaking out...He names every comrade who fought with him and the ones that he doesn't recollect are given in bracket, that shows a true leader who acknowledges every en devour of his fellow men no matter who small the contribution might me..There are also names of comrades or local villagers who betrayed the Rebel for money and military rank in the government lead troop..Those traitors are also given a decent death one that to my mind is Eutimo who is buried with a cross on his grave and his children being taken care of by the schools run by them...I was amused the way Fidel fakes as a high ranked soldier to one of the drunken foreman taking over the troop and refilling their stock of ammunition and weapons..The book is overloaded with hand granite, dynamites, Thompson machine guns..Che doesn't feel any inhibitions in portraying the rebel troops bravery devoid of any heroic adjectives..The troop risked their lives at many instances like this when all their hand granite and stick dynamites failed to denonate they never hesitated to set the whole place to fire...
Fidel is a role model and morale booster of the troop his order was to provide all possible medical aide to wounded prisoner who belonged to the enemy group..Che believes this is one of the important reasons in the victory of the Rebel troop..Most often the troop is left with less weapon than men still sheer bravery must have kept them going.. Even when the troops morale sinks Fidel would pour in fresh energy with his motivating speech..The way the troop with soldiers of many facets who could recruit soldiers,communicate effectively with the peasants building a strong rebel army by two years..I was completely admiring for the clear thoughts Fidel had for his troop according to him there were three crimes that were punished by death namely insubordination, desertion and defeatism...Many assassination plots are described just a matter of fact notes..One of it Che gives credit to him by the following..
"The whole night , the fate of the Cuban revolution depended , in large measure, on the twists and turns of a man';s mind, on a balance of courage and fear and perhaps on conscience on a traitor's lust for power and wealth"(page35)
As I found my pace of reading ebbing away due to many facts names and dates the chapter battle of 
E.L Hombrito gathered up the lost pace..By the end of part 1 there are many photographs of Che and Fidel Castro along with their Rebel army with few signature style photographs of Che,..His love for puppies is well clicked in a photograph were he is photographed with a puppy in his arms..Every word of the chapter "A sin of the revolution" is a must read..For anyone who is not interested into reading about the whole book this single chapter will get the fair feel of the whole book....His writing is simple inspite of being a pool of many facts dates and places I wasn't put off at any point.....It might be even because of my admiration for Che..I found it a compelling read, yet I wouldn't recommend it all , only to serious readers who love to read about a icon and about an era that gave birth to a revolution and go down as a turning point in Latin American countries...To read about Che before becoming a revolutionary check on The motorcycle diaries, for review click here....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Man booker prize- longlist

Man booker prize is something that I look forward every year.. Though I end up reading the book that wins but this year for a change I want to read all the book that are shortlisted by the panel  Dinah BirchAmanda foreman, Dan stevensBharat Tandon and chair Sir peter Stothard for the longlist..errr..Twelve books are chosen ...

The list includes the following

I have already laid my hands on Bring up the bodies and Narcopolis others are yet to follow..I hope I get to read them before the announcement and I don't find that likely still it's worth a try isn't...But Umbrella, Philida and The lighthouse are yet to be released.. So readers have to wait for the time being..The shortlist of six books would be announced on  11 September 2012 and the winner on 16 October 2012..Further updates can be found on the official site...Till then happy reading..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore

Do you like to buy books from a bookstore,or is it the online shopping you are into???..For me though I love to spend hours in a bookstore exploring new books reading a random page or two, touch, smell and be happy at the sight of tonnes of books piled neatly,I get most of my books from online sites as all good bookstores are far away from I live,and online sites are easy when you know what book you want to buy..
But I came across this bookstore recently while browsing..I couldn't help myself from sharing it with you...Its the "Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore" in Maarstricht, Netherlands...The awesome bookstore has been designed by Merrkz +Girod Architecten..
At the outset this is how the bookstore looks like, isn't that magnificent!!!!!!!!!The church has not been a place of worship since 1794 after Napolean's army's confiscation..
Ever since, the church space has been used for various purposes even for parking bikes..What an idea!!!
The amazing thing about the book store is that the architects haven't ruined the original set up of the church., they retained the vintage look and aura to the whole church adding a dash of modernity ..The bookstore is a part of Selexys chain consisting of books of all genre, magazines and highest stock of English books in Maarstricht...

The whole bookstore is three-stored and architects haven't even drilled a single hole to the wall..and the result is this..

Walking through , I believe one would get to see the mural in close up.. I read  that while restoration, many  murals were uncovered..

To add a religious touch there is a cross shaped table..
Walking through the aisle of books must be an experience in itself..And I couldn't take off my eyes from the grandeur of the ceiling., it looks so good..

Altar is replace by coffee corner and ironically Bible is no more the most sought book here..

This  bookstore is a hit among architects but how good it appeals a book lover is something I would loved to find out myself..Hope someone reads this and funds me..LOL!!!
Happy book shopping and reading...

A passage to India by E.M Foster

Title: A passage to India
Author: E.M Foster
Publisher: AITBS, Publishers India
Page: 316
Genre: Fiction, Classic literature
Rating:4 out of 5
Source: Personal

Set on during the British rule in India the novel largely focuses upon the relationship between the English and Indians...Mrs Moore and Adela Quested visit Chandrapore to see the real India..Adel is engaged to Mrs Moore's son Ronny...Dr Aziz takes Miss Quested and Mrs Moore to Marabar cave and the philosophical experience in the cave Miss Quested is subjected upon and a mystery of assault makes the rest of the classic novel...
I had an excerpt of it read to me by my school principle who loved reading to kids I was in my primary level..The way it was explained I can still hear her honey due voice reading to the class and explaining every bit of it..She also had mentioned that the novel is meant to be read when we grow up still its never early or late to read..But somehow I missed reading this book entirely, until  I happened to stumble upon it just by accident...British and Indian's seem to talk to each other but they are unable to communicate to eachother because of their different perception towards life laid by cultural difference..Symbolic portray of the Marabar cave was something I enjoyed in the novel , No matter what you yelled in the cave., it always reverberates  the same echo...Kind Mrs Moore and Miss Quested have an earnest wish to see the real India....
 Mrs Moore plunges all alone to local temple by moonlight and is taken aback by the personality of  Dr Aziz young intelligent Muslim Physician who constantly tries his hand in befriending British yet fails every time..He seemed to have develop a positive rapport with Miss Quested until she accuses Dr Aziz of raping Miss Quested that in turn flares a lot of anti-spirit  in society igniting a negative socio -political scenario between Indians and the British....There are few who defended Aziz among British and many who suspect him  until Miss Quested herself withdraws her case in court...Britishers imagined themselves a superior class over the Indians who propagated a belief that they were colonizing the countries in order to bring about civilization into their colony ...Famously calling it a "white man's burden"...Though their mode of education did a lot of benefit, especially adapting English as the medium giving the country a unified code of education,  but truth is they ruined the face of India more than they did good for the people...The novel was published when slowly the struggle for independence among Indians were cropping in..The novel also depicts Hindu Muslim divide which in future lead to the partition of the country..The best part was the mystery attached to the Marabar cave visit on the two ladies...All of it is left to the reader to read analysis and interpret it...Racial discrimination is at its peak..
History and rich Indian heritage is portrayed by the characters... British bureaucrats attitude towards Indians is also depicted...For me disappointment was I didn't find a captivating character in it.. I love to have few characters of the novel surround even after I am done with them..In this novel though the story had a depth and each character carried an essence nothing really was enough for me...
My 11th book for South asian reading challenge 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teaser Tuesday : Earth and high heaven

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be.
Anyone can play along!
- Grab a book you are reading.
- Open to a random page and pull two sentences.
- Post the book title, author, and page number.
- No spoilers, please.

Here goes mine its from Earth and high heaven by Gwethalyn Graham..this is not my current read but todays somehow I was reminded about read it completely..

"It's this feeling of being ccompletely helpless, of having to watch people suffer, through a combination of bigotry and stupidity and sheer backwardness, without ever being able to do anything about it."
Another one
"You see, the trouble with me is that I'm like everybody else- I don't realise what something really means until it suddenly walks up and hits me between the eyes... I can be quite convinced intellectually that a situation is wrong, but it's still an academic questiion which doesn'r really affect me personally, until, for some rreason or other, it starts coming at me through my emotions as well.." (pg 31)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wings of Fire by APJ Abdul Kalam

Title: Wings of fire: an autobiography
Author: APJ Abdul Kalam, Arun Tiwari
Publisher: Universities press
Page: 180
Genre: Memoir
Price: Gift
ISBN: 9788173711466
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Personal

Buy wings of fire from
Buy wings of fire from

 Memoir of  APJ kalam....From his  modest hometown becoming the missile man of the country.....The book is a complete inspiration to anyone who reads....

To start with this book wasn't a recent read...Currently I am reading Turning points by APJ and I was reminded of this book ., and so here I go...Like every Indian APJ as he is known is a role model to me..For anyone who is not an Indian or an Indian who is not brought up in India may not be able to identify with him...Becoming a scientist expanding his horizon in Indian space research organization (ISRO) with failures then onto successful launches placing India into world's most sauted country in launching satellites to designing them for various indegenous purposes helping India wide and far is so modestly described that you are in awe for this great man..The reader is set on a nostalgic journey starting from his fond recollection of his hometown, his teachers, who inspired him took me back in time into my own school days (though my school was much more sophisticated my teachers were all darlings)...There are photos in black and white to make it even more heart felt..From senior scientific assistant at the Aeronautical Development Establishment., desgnining Nandi(hovercraft) to become rocket engineer at Indian space research organisation rubbing shoulder with great thinkers of India like Prof. Vikram Sarabhai (then Chairman of ISRO), Prof Sathish Dhawan etc...His research  mishaps are added as a lesson to the readers are enlightening..Details of satellites to launching them in the orbit with its basics on their functions can't be better described than this.. Time and again APJ expresses his love for teachings , reading all about missile engineering I knew what it was like enlightening a lay man about it...This book highlights APJ's life till 1992, from then on its covered in the book Turning points.The role of a team leader is amazingly portrayed through his own example., which can be picked up by anyone invaried of the field of interests ., for instance., when things fail take the blame on yourself  (leader) and when something is successful put the credit on the team...APJ popularly known as the missile man of India didn't have a grandeur start but a meek beginning from the coast of Rameshwaram..Unlike many icons of India, he had no education abroad still became instrumental in driving India to the forefront in terms of rocket engineering inspiring a country to work together, now don't get me wrong as I have nothing against people educated abroad but my point through APJ's life he showed it to the country that its not the education abroad that matters but how good one can extract the knowledge and apply with motivation towards the goal...The language of the memoir is simple with no jargons, narration is elegant...If this man from the southern coast of India can make this big living on his own terms with high principles with no compromises., why can't anybody for that matter be what one wants to be...When the going tough , the tough gets the going..and if you can then no matter what none can stop you from achieving the goal, inspite the odds..Dare to dream is the take home message of this book...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shopping haul........

Shopping bug has been itching me for sometime, So I decided to indulge in some shopping..Here are what I bought myself...

Chasing the monsoon by Alexander Frater
The blurb
The fascinating and revealing story of Frater's journey through India in pursuit of the astonishing Indian summer monsoon.

A complete guide to Hoysala Temples

by Gerard Foekema

I had plans to visit Halebid and Belur in Karnataka, India.. thought some research would be handy...Even though the book is not a recent publication, still I found this book to be the best available about these temples ..How much it helped me!!! well,my journey would say it all..

A Road Less Travelled by Pradeep Chakravarthy

I used to look forward for Pradeep Chakravarthy's colum Road less travelled in The Hindu newsdaily every week ..It got me super excited when the book got released but I guess I am only late to pick this up..

Great short stories by Anton Chekhov

I am really not in a habit of reading short stories., but with my participation in reading challenge of short stories I thought I should give it a try..

Zorba The Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

Heard so much about the author's work., finally with  mom's recommendation I decided to buy this one...

H.G Wells Selected Stories

Another one into the category of short stories....And finally

Ashoka by Charles Allen

This was in my wishlist for long... So got that too..

Review would follow soon..I have pledged that until I review all the books in my list I won't shop for books again..heheh!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poison study by Maria V Snyder

Title: Poison Study
Author: Maria V Snyder
Publisher: Mira Books
Pages: 409
Genre: Fantasy
Price: It was a gift
ISBN: 9780778327110
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Personal

Buy Poison study from
Buy Poison study from

Yelena grabs a life as a food taster to commander Ambrose over death..But from noose to life isn't bed of roses for Yelana , she is hunted down by commander Brazell to avenge his son's murder (even though Yelana killed his only son Reyand in self defence), she is tracked down by group goons for reasons unknown and above all one lazy day ignoring her work in commander's castle., she would meet her death by the poison butterfly dust in her body..In a world where she can trust none., her loyalty and hard work gains her friends and love..Her choice : a quick death or a slow poison sprints away....
Fantasy is not my kind of genre., it is something I  have always kept away from..I love the romance, I could describe myself as a romantic sucker..I love the happily ever after fairy tales, still I haven't read much of them because I am unable to bear the extent of fantasy and melodrama after few pages..But for me poison study was like a drug to which I got addicted , Once I started it I could't drop it unless I was through and thanks to my weekend night..Yelana is one of those characters I would love to keep her around even after I am done with the novel..She is quick real , she makes mistakes and learns from them, works her way hard to keep her alive and fight her battle.. Her journey from commander Ambrose's dungeon awaiting death to life in castle facing near death situations every now and then was thoroughly entertaining with not much exaggeration..I was wondering how a protagonist as a food taster could have an entire novel., cleverly Snyder weaves her past and the story unwraps slowly with many surprises with many twists and turns.. Inspite of being a fantasy novel not a single instance made me feel unreal and that is the winning stroke of Snyder..Valek is dashing and debonair, commander's right hand , highly skilled assassin and in charge of the security of Ixia is a kind of guy that you can't have enough ..His is loyal to his commander to the core and respects talent and intelligence.. I waited  almost to the end of the novel for to him confess his love to Yelana., even when Yelana had given up her hopes (chuckles !!!).. Of course he does it in the most unusual way..

“Yelena, you’ve driven me crazy. You’ve caused me considerable trouble and I’ve contemplated ending your life twice since I’ve known you.” Valek’s warm breath in my ear sent a shiver down my spine...
“But you’ve slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart.”
“That sounds more like a poison than a person,” was all I could say. His confession had both shocked
and thrilled me...
“Exactly,” Valek replied. “You have poisoned me.”
There is another quote from Valek that I liked..

“Everyone makes choices in life. Some bad, some good. It’s called living, and if you want to bow out,
then go right ahead. But don’t do it halfway. Don’t linger in whiner’s limbo,”

Ari and Janco are two adorable character who keep the story on a lighter tone letting the reader smile time and again ..The palace, life and the code of behavior in Ixia are completely engaging..Yelana a born magician struggles her way with no super heroism..Reyand's ghost (whom Yelana murders in self defense after he uses her for n number of experiments eventually raping her for her disobedience) haunts Yelana to demoralize her was a clever addition by Snyder into the plot.. I would have loved to read more details of Commander Ambrose governance and the state of affair and an elaborate climax ..Still I got to read my happily ever after tale with more trouble for both in the upcoming series, I am sure Valek and Yelana will make it ,every time no matter what..Most of the characters are likable even the commander Ambrose dictator weighs others opinions, is fair and a true leader who follows the code of behavior true to its meaning...This novel has an interesting plot with lovable hero and heroin, what more one could ask for a breezy and a super reading spree??? Have you watched a movie where you come out completely loving it and deeply engrossed with the characters?? still when you ponder upon the plot you might want something to be changed or added here and there...This is the exactly how you would feel reading Poison study...It is best for a midnight read.. Grab your copy and keep going..I would say debut ant Snyder has done a brilliant job and I am reading next two book in the series hand in hand already...

This is my third entry to Jule's new author challenge 2012.. 7 more to go..

Friday, July 13, 2012

The beautiful tree by James Tooley, Nandan Nilekani

Title: The beautiful tree
Author: James Tooley
Publisher:Viking Penguin India
Price:Rs 499 (got it for 324 from Flipkart)
Rating:4 out of 5
Source: Personal

Buy the beautiful tree from
                                           Buy The beautiful tree from

James  Tooley's journey to China, Ghana, India, Nigeria to study on how poor people are trying to educate themselves against all odds...His research on private school gave him a startling insights about its standard and a complete picture about the psychology of poor on education...

If I got my hands on a great book in spanish what would I do with it?? Just flip through the pages unable to decipher a word..But I would enjoy and relish if it had been in English or any other language I am well versesd with...But what would be the case of a person who could read nothing??? A person with no education not by his fault, what are they to do ?? I was questioning myself reading this book..As it says its James Tooley's personal journey into how the world's poorest people are educating themselves...His research for the world bank on private schools in third world countries India, China, Ghana, Nigeria  gets an insight about struggle of education...What happens education becomes too costly to afford , a strong will is all that takes to pursue the same...All his research makes three points clear-1)  Private schools are performing better in terms of quality than the public schools funded by government..2)The parents do everything they can to educate their children by all means..3) Quality of education is not in terms of infraustructure of the schools nor in the certificates the teachers but the standard of education they are able to give the students in the private schools...In India even when government has opened many schools with free education, Tooley found that parents were not ready to send them there., but prefer much costly private school over public school which the family is unable to afford..Many interviews with parents, children and the people running the private school and few visits to the deserted public schools under the government funding, he found that.,  in spite of financial deficit the quality of education the private schools were able to provide were good enough for the parents to take the risk....
Everytime he visits a country side or backward area in a new country he  expects not to find a private school and very predicatbly he ends up discovering a good private school in narrow alley, under a tattered tached roof with hand written nameboard providing a passerby about a school next by..Tooley is surprised at the state of experts and their take on education while working for the government., conveniently they are unaware of all this plight, Tooley is saddened as of why the government has turned on a blind eye on all these...Tooley argues that as these private schools exist outside the governments' helping hand ., it is left with no choice but to charge higher fee for their survival...Agony of a poor parent, corruption of the government administration are well pinned out..NGOs too are conrtibuting well in brininging about quality education to poor in underdeveloped areas..
Though I agree with Tooley with private schools educating poor, there are schools in city were the education has been developed into a lucrative buisiness,  everything made so attractive that every parent aspires to find a place even when they charge money big time...
Your brain might get crowded with many facts and figures yet its worth a read atleast to realise the blessing of education that we have...

This is my 10th book towards my 30 books South Asian challenge

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Confessions of a shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Title: Confessions of a shopaholic
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Black Swan
Pages: 320
Genre:Romantic comedy
Price: Rs350(got it for 268 from
Rating: 2 out of 5
Source: Personal

                     Buy Confessions of a shopaholic from
                     Buy Confessions of a shopaholic from

Rebecca Bloomhood has a life that any girl dreams of , a cool flat to boast about and a killer wardrobe with season's best but the only trouble is she is unable to afford both...The irony is of course her job of being a financial journalist were she advice others on managing their income eventually saving for a better future..

I bought this book early this year because of my online shopping spree, hoping to relate to her .. Unfortunately I was disappointed...Firstly I found it more of an young adult novel than an adult novel,ad I should have read it in my teenage, still it was an easy read so I would not complain...I loved the way it starts off with her piling her credit card debt and her subsequent sprint to do something to  pay off the bill ending up doing nothing..Her life becomes awful day after day, she dreads to open mail , her steps to earn more too flops miserably...In spite of all this she is allured to any SALE..Even though I found her irritating , I am sure there are many becky out there who are unable to control their shopping crave...Worst part Becky uses shopping as a mean to get over her emotional ebb..I found Luke Brandon rude and Sue becky's flatmate  interesting...The novel ends up in a fairy tale note as everything falls in place with her prince charming by her side, but in reality this may not happen to people in this state...Don't even think about reading the book if you aren't familiar brand names...While reading I felt like skipping through few plots, still liked Becky's feeling when she passes by a shop that has a great brand apparel on Sale..I think shopaholic might end up liking the novel and even find Becky to be hilarious..
Do not grab the book if you are looking for a serious read...It is for a complete mindless read...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Snow by Orhan Pamuk

Title: Snow
Author: Orhan Pamuk
Publisher: Faber and Faber (Penguin India)
Price: Rs 350
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Personal

Buy Snow from
Buy snow from

Poet Ka (kerim Alakusoglu) returns to his homeland Turkey after 12 years of political exile in Germany.. As a journalist he has two motives one to get to the roots of the sudden suicides among girls and the upcoming election, but the main intention is to revive the flair he had for a classmate who is now separated from her husband.... In a city clung between  extreme religious ideologies and secularism this journey gives  Ka to relive his life and rediscover the poet that he is....

This was the first Pamauk's book I read and I became an instant fan...To call it a romantic or a political novel would be injustice to both genre for it is a beautiful union of romance at the heights with all its political turmoil...The novel begin with snow as in backdrop and snow is omnipresent all through...Though Ka returns to his hometown for his mother's funeral there is no mention about it there after... Ka enjoys the status of a celebrity in his hometown at the same he is the most distrusted by his fellowmen .. Ipak Ka's romantic interest is stuck with her life when her husband can only think and breathe religion and its principles that she is unable to follow....Islamic extremism overflows all through the novel.. Director of Institution of education is killed by a muslim extremist as he supposedly thinks the director to be the reason behind the suicide of girls by banning the head scarf.. Even when his people are hostile to Ka, he tries his best to get the bottom of the mass suicides...,he wanders through alley of Kars to institution where the religion has an upperhand over educational reforms..Pamuk's trademark of the beautiful portray of his city even in ruins and remnant is a treat to read, where all the structure stand still as a mute witness..To complete it all there is an editor in the local newspaper who publishes things even before they actually happen...
Ka's self -discovery as a poet is elegantly portrayed., as he comes face to face with all experiences in his home town naming it  "Snow" and  rest  of the poem just follows.. Theater becoming a military coup is the best way of expressing the state of affairs in a city...Characters such as  that of Sheikh Saadettin's is woven charmingly conveying a message to the reader...Politically reluctant Ka starts taking part in them inorder to safe guard himself and to marry his ladylove..Thus Ka's vantage on all these ideologies are of that of an outsider while Sheikh Saadetein 's views are of that of an insider, all the contrast are brought out well...All human emotions such jealously, sympathy, empathy, happiness ideally comes out  from Ka., his passion swings between obsession to hysteria...The best part of the novel is its being unpredictable....Outrage of Blue an islamic fundamendalist to Ka is more out of  fear than anger, his fear of misrepresentation of the suicides to the rest of the world is an ideal footing that all such events suffer from...Like other characters the headscarf girls also form an important aspect of the novel in spite of being dead .,they are dragged in time and again by anyone as per their convenience and even Ka struggles to get an idea of their feelings or experiences till it is staged by Khadife's performance..
I love this one especially form Fazil to Ka
Fazil says
"If you write a book set in Kars and put me init, I'd like you to tell your readers not to believe anything you say about me, anything you say about any of us. No one could understand us from so far away."
Reference is made to the western countries..
The story moves through a third person's perspective and it was disheartening to find out about Ka's death..The novel is a full package for a reader in all its form, just read and relish every bit of it...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Versatile blogger award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The news is I won the versatile blogger award, thanks to Amy's book-et list for nominating me...

There are few rules one must follow before accepting the award and they are as follows:
1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging..
2. Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award...
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself..
4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you.
5. Add the versatile Blogger Award picture to your post...

7 random facts about me..
1.I love Cinderella and still addicted to her happily ever after tale..
2. I love junk Jewel and learning to cook authentic Indian cuisine..
3. I love red
4. I can sit for hours looking at the stack of my books..
5. Irish coffee and dark chocolates makes my day..
6.Love to listen to the pitter patter of the monsoon rain..
7.I can spent all day reading a book..

15 bloggers nomination..
1.The book outline
2.The book shelf
3.Just can't beat books
4.Andrea's paranormal reads
5.Pastiche: My artistic offerings made up of pieces of poetry, non-fiction, literature and music
6.Forever YA
7.The book lovers report
8.Sherri's FIK*TISH*UHS Reviews
9.What Type of Character Are You Hanging Out With?
11.The sill of the world
12.Cafe reads
13.P.G writing
14.365 books a year
15.Read that also

Congratulations all

Monday, July 9, 2012

Walking around with fragrance of books

Fragrance in old..Well I was referring to the fragrance of old book... being surrounded by old books feels like heaven isn't.. Personally I can spend my life  surrounded by them and every time I drop into an old library  is to get myself into the mesmerisng  fragrance of it..I feel as though they are whispering all their deep secrets treasured in, through their mystic fragrance..Now what if you can smell like an old book all day ????  I wasn't really kidding.,  there is indeed a perfume that makes you smell like an old book...It is called "In the Library"

Now I don't have to say anything about "CB I hate perfume" ain't I!!!! okay to those once  ignorant like me, CB-Christopher Brosius who is world renowned for making the fragrance so perfect to the strange labels.. His  bestsellers are soaked earth(that smells like dirt), snow, Mr.Hulot's holiday and many more... There are two formulations available in this range water and absolute..

The company note:
"This scent is for those who can’t walk past a second-hand bookstore without coming away with at least one additional volume…that special smell of an old book you find buried in book store and you open it and breathe in…wonderful! In The Library is a subtle scent, and it’s not so much the exact recreation of the musty, antique smell of the pages of old book as much as it is the entire book…a hint of worn leather bindings, a whisper of the frayed cloth and the wisp of wood polish from the shelves it sits on and even a bit of sweetness we can’t place. In The Library is comforting and warm with soft, worn edges and no single obvious note…it never screams musty old parchment or crisp new leather, it’s more like a faint memory rolling around in your mind and inspiring you to dream of a long afternoon in an old leather chair curled up with a novel. Its inspiration was an old, signed first-edition book that Christopher found one lucky afternoon in London."

There are more to the book lovers "Paper passion perfume" by Geza Schoen in collaboration with publisher Gerhard steidl  and wallpaper magazine ,released in May 2012...Unlike "In the library" this perfume smells of fresh printed books..

The perfume is in book case with texts by karl Lagerfeld..That is a beautiful packaging for people who love books at the same time want the luxury of a perfume in it....

Thats a way to go isn't....The inspiration came from his own studio and printing facilities in Germany.. Now Schoen has created a niche in the world of perfume with Escentric 01., which with its heavy dose of woody Iso E molecule that when get mixes with one's pheromone creates an unique fragrance for every person, now that I would call an innovation...

Other perfumes inspired from book fragrance are:
  • Paper back by Demeter Fragrance Library
  • Opus II-Library collection by Amouage
  • Hamman Bouquet by Penhaligon's
  • Sacre Couer by Ego facto

If  e-readers feel that they are left out of league there's one for them as well..Its "Smell of books"..It is an aerosol e- book enhancer ..Company claims that it is compatible with e-readers  with 100% DRM (Digital right Management) compatibility..Now don't avoid e-book just because they don't smell right LOL...

Will all these revive the passion for books.. That is something we will have to wait and see...So enjoy the days all out there...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The motorcycle diaries by Ernesto Che Guevera

The book title: The motorcycle diaries
Author:Ernesto Che Guevera
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Price: 299
ISBN: 0007272901
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Personal copy

Buy The motorcycle diaries from

The book is personal journal of Ernest Che Guevera as he set on an expedition with his biochemist friend Alberto Garnado in motorcycle of course..The book is a tale of slow transformation of Che as he comes faces the plight of poor that later leads him onto a global iconic revolutionary..
Che Guevera is a marxist revolutionary and a global icon famous for his guerrilla warfare along with Fidel Castro throwing away the Cuban government..What made him stand apart from the rest of the revolutionaries is that he was not a Cuban but an Argentinean , he fought not his and his people but cruelty against humanity..Though the book was written in a period when he was still an adventure seeking medical student in early twenties whose spirit for different experience made him to take a trip with his friend Alberto Granado in Granado's motorcycle Norton 500 cc 'La Pedrosa'...Their plan was to volunteer themselves at the San Pablo Leper colony in Peru..The travel traverses through Latin American countries starting from Argentina through Andes to Chile to Peru  to Ecuador to Columbia to Venezuela to Miami...

The journey is not completely on motorcycle as they had to abandon it halfway after it refuses to come to life.. Like any other travelogue the journey takes off like a good adventure...The two go onto an extend, introducing themselves to the press as international experts on Leprosy , they also use this paper clip to buy meals and shelter ..The turning point is when they travel through copper mine in Chile... Things starts to changes for Che at a conscious level as he goes along experiences that stirs him completely for example people going in search of work in mine where the working conditions were utterly poor with meager wage,  people suffering from leprosy, tuberculosis without any aid dying in a devastating state..His bravery and his complete dedication to his profession is seen more than once, one night he swims to reach a village to visit a patient..His observations about life and its experiences are crisp..He is lyrical when he describes a farewell from a girl whom he meets along the travel..

They say journeys have a strength to change people,that really stands right for Che., From a fancy free traveler to politically,socially conscious person this book is a beautiful journey I loved to read...Granado is equally seen all through the book and he too stands out with his strong will power and this social responsibility towards the downtrodden..Their journey is not an easy one from the beginning as they are short of funds many nights living without food and shelter and a problematic bike..The narration is full of humour , Che is successful in depicting a clear picture of from a beautiful landscape to dreadful storms to the later experiences with people.....I read this book after reading Reminiscences of Cuban Revolutionary war, to know from where did it all began from..After reading this the picture becomes clear and complete.. You might have come across better travelogues and writing but this book is significant from the vantage what made Ernesto Che Guevera to the iconic Che...
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