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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Review: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Title:The Eyre Affair
Author:Jasper Fforde
Rating:4 out of 5

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Buy The Eyre Affair from

from the book cover
There is another 1985, somewhere in the could-have-been, where the Crimean war still rages, dodos are regenerated in home-cloning kits and everyone is deeply disappointed by the ending of 'Jane Eyre'. In this world there are no jet-liners or computers, but there are policeman who can travel across time, a Welsh republic, a great interest in all things literary - and a woman called Thursday Next. 

In this utterly original and wonderfully funny first novel, Fforde has created a fiesty, loveable heroine and a plot of such richness and ingenuity that it will take your breath away.

Jane Eyre the Bronte's masterpiece is one of my top five novel of all time, in other words I grew up loving the classic hence any versions of this book gains my interest, one such was this one, though I didn't have much of that luck throughout the novel because of the limited scope of the novel imbibed into it...
People live in a strange world to be exact an alternate world ..People take literature far serious than they should going by it religiously, to the extend that arguments and questions regarding Shakeshpere's work inflicts gang war and murder.....Thursday Next is a literary detective who is in charge of  exposing phony and illegal works..The novel begins with Thursday being assigned the investigation of theft of Charles Dickens's original manuscript, Martin Chuzzlewit  by the notorious Acheron Hades, she comes all close to wrapping up the case, that she is injured and almost killed but for a copy of Jane Eyre's  that saves her from bullets..An enigmatic character watches over her until the rescue team arrives,the strangers leaves behind her handkerchief and jacket... Next finds out that they belong to Rochester of Jane Eyre novel because as a child Next had entered the novel... During her painful recovery her future self and her former fiancee help her out in fixing her path and goal.. She has an Uncle Mycroft , who creatively found the prose portal, which gives access to people to enter the world of fictional works..Subsequent events are Hades kidnapping Mycroft Next's aunt Polly , the Prose Portal and further blackmail to destroy the literary world and many deaths, murder of many characters of the Classic..I won't ruin the fun by explaining the story but read on for how Next rescues people and thereby the fate of the actual Jane Eyre's novel plot and her moves after entering the real world...

The idea itself I found  to be very creative, though the idea of an alternate world is not new to us, the treatment with many twists and turns  makes it to stand apart .....The literary work that encompasses the fun, humor, mystery , sci-fi may not appeal many with multiple genre in the same book, yet for me I liked for the Eyre touch ..Next's character single living with pet with not much to look forward and happiness and fun was a bit cliched yet it fit the novel well..There were not many characters that stood defined in the novel except for Next..Though I may not re read it for the complexities of multiple character that at times drove me crazy...I liked it for the freshness it offered..

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday post

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Finally Christmas is here and I somehow managed to decorate my own Christmas tree..Work had been pretty hectic that I really had to slog through my days working on weekends that left me with no time for blogging hence I missed the last week's Sunday post...

Last week the blog saw

Book Review
I am the messenger by Markus Zurkas

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You have gone too far sir by Danny Bent
The old man and the monkey by George Polley
I have people by Taylor Dean

Good week everyone...

Book Review:I am the Messenger by Markus Zurkas

Title: I am the messenger
Author: Markus Zurkas
Publisher: Random house Children's books
Price: Rs 576
pages: 368
ISBN: 030743348X
Genre: Mystery
Rating 4.5 out of 5
Source: Borrowed

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Buy i am the messenger from

Ed Kennedy is an underage cab driver who lives a life with no prospects for future or ambitions but suddenly by the turn of events he is onto the shoes of messiah in his own means , but is he up for the challenge when it comes to deal with his won friends??

"My full is Ed Kennedy.I'm nineteen. I'm an underage can driver.I'm typical of  many of the young men you see in the suburban outpost in the city- not a whole lot of prospect or possibility. That aside , I read more books than I should , and I'm decidedly crap at sex and doing my taxes. Nice to meet u."

Needless to say that the protagonist of the novel is Ed , he doesn't have a very interesting life, or nothing to look forward, but on the other hand his best friends are all well set in their respective lives who are nearly his age, even is brother gets a lot of attention by being a star in college..His mother who doesn't bother much about him, bugs him otherwise for being just an average guy...This is all his life until he unintentionally by sheer twist of situations stops a bank robber from escaping and he becomes a hero ,thanks to the local newspaper for an elaborate coverage and he is in the spotlight, then follows a series of cryptic messages with playing cards and addresses, reason he has to deliver messages to them.. Bottom line he has to make a difference to people that none can make otherwise, he is required to render his helping hand to people in need and that ranges in the complexities from being a victim of an abusive husband till the card points to deal with his best friends and he quickly  he realizes that he has been a complete stranger to them all these years...

I loved Zurkas's earlier book The book thief (click here for review), hence I didn't hesitate to pick this one.. .Ed is a lively guy in his late teen dealing with issues and no purpose in life, but when he is struck by it, he gears up for the task..Audrey (female lead) pushes Ed to friends only zone and they remain just that till things starts unfolding..I only wish if I could love Audrey the way I loved Ed..Ed's character and persona slowly develops from an average well read guy to become THE GUY with extraordinary grit, aspired with resolve and mission to make a difference in his own small way..The best part is that Ed doesn't realize his incredible contemplation...In every person he is able to see the beauty with all its honesty ...I loved his smelly lovely dog with its extra affinity to coffee..
"Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Nor in what they say
Just in what they are."
Zurkas has amazingly woven to bring together the essence of life. After reading it, I am sure people would sit and think about the purpose of one's life at least for few minutes and the way one sees a stranger ..I loved this one all in all for the fun and wit and an angle that highlights the beauty of life and relationships..

Book 6 for book blogger's recommendation reading challenge

Book 16 for TBR reading challenge

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review:You have gone too far sir by Danny Bent :Blog tour

Title: You have gone too far sir
Author:Danny Bent
Publisher:Taylor street books
Genre:Adventure, Experimental/Inspirational
Rating:4.5 out of 5
Source: Review copy @ Bewitching book tours

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Not going by the trail others left , Danny Bent makes his own path for a larger good...

Like a cycle ride , it begins all slowly, first an accident that becomes the defining moment of Danny's life..His love for cycling and the long rides has been the thing of his life, and when he chose this to carry his life was only predictable, but the extend he choses only raised my eyebrow..To raise money for actionaid he rides through continents, starting from England riding through Europe all the way through western India all the way to India was on a high note of inspiration...
All through the book its the zeal and zest for his life that I loved and admired, going through bumpy roads enduring every moment of hardship for a greater good..I know how tough is to maneuver through Indian roads on a two wheeler and a cycle is something I don't even want to imagine..All through teaching in school getting inspired through the lives of children he gets to meet, his words are too beautifully put in...The food poisoning , getting sick , coping with the culture shock, road traffic, sour leg,shivering through the nights with just the spirits to push him ahead is one hell of ride..
Another thing that I love was his sense of wit and fun, he lives by moments never boasting about the things he did just observing and retelling the tales in a way that his spirits touches the reader..He hasn't gone overboard noting the drawbacks of any country, he is been to, putting those observations in a a politically correct angle..Though there are no much historical background of the places he visits or the roads he takes, there are all  engaging and inspiring in every way..I highly recommend this one..

About the author

Danny Bent was born near Buxton in the Peak District into a very loving and supportive family.

His father was an international athlete and Danny was necessarily introduced to the attractions and rigours of sport at a very early age, and to cycling (down steps) not long afterwards.

He is an international tri-athlete and a bog diver, and has an aptitude for the sort of adventures which require major endurance and a great deal of luck to survive.

Fortunately for us, he is also an excellent raconteur, loves life and hugs people whenever possible, which means he gets access to a host of excellent stories and escapades he can roll around his tongue, and entertain us thoroughly, all at the same time. 

Book 30 for south asian reading challenge

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Book Review: The old man and the monkey by George Polley: Blog tour

Title:The old man and the Monkey
Author: George Polley
Publisher: Taylor street publishing
Rating:4.5 out of 5
Source: Review copy @Bewitching blog tour

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Its is a story of friendship in the most unusual circumstances between a man and a monkey still it stands tall over the period of time gaining respect and acceptance among all..

Genjiro Yamanda is peacefully wading through his retired life with his wife Harue in a place called "The village", it is all serene close to nature with tranquility and wonder surrounding them, their two children are independently leading their lives with occasional visit back home..Over the years Genjiro has developed a special interest over a place for his meditation by the edge of the forest...Out of blue one day he has a visitor that too a snow monkey ,giant and old just like Genjiro , from then on they strike a chord developing a special bond that none understood..He  sat with his new monkey friend whom he named Yukitaro sharing his silence just like that with his wife..Yukitaro somehow reciprocated well all enough..Initially skeptical Harue finally gave in to the friendly Yukitaro..The season pass by bringing in wonder and blessing , bond between Yukitaro and Genjiro only strengthened..Yukitaro even became regular visitor to their home bringing in gifts along from forest..This friendship went down all well till the end of their lives in all its splendour..

This is the kind of story you want to read it to the children  to bring out the greater meaning of life and relationships. Gesture of kindness, love, friendship reflects through the quiescence and calm Japanese Village...The warmth of the bond wraps the reader from the beginning till the end and I loved the way it closed just in a classical way..Read it if you love to reflect the deeper meaning that goes beyond the words...

About the author
George Polley was born in Santa Barbara, California and raised in Seattle, Washington. He has lived in California (Berkeley and Stockton), Illinois (Cooks Mills  and Villa Grove), Minnesota (Luverne, Marshal and Minneapolis), and from 1984 until early in 2008, in Seattle, when he and his wife moved to Sapporo, Japan so that she could fulfill her dream of returning to the land of her birth.

His work has appeared in the South Dakota Review, Crow's Nest, Expanding Horizons, The Enchanted Self, Community Mental Health Journal, Maturing, The Lyon County (Minnesota) Review  Wine Rings, North Country Anvil, North American Mentor Magazine, the McLean County (Illinois) Poetry Review, River Bottom, Tower Talks and Foundations. 

He has also authored several booklets in the mental health field, two of them co-authored with Ana Dvoredsky, M.D. in 2007.

George's e-book 'The Old Man & The Monkey' poses one of the most elegant and powerful arguments against racism of all time, and his 'Grandfather & The Raven' argues equally compellingly against violence in all its forms. 

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In a small park near one of the rivers that run through the city of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, there is a bronze statue of an old man and a monkey seated side by side on a wide flat stone looking out over the river and the mountains. The monkey is bigger than ordinary snow monkeys; the top of his head reaches to the old man’s shoulder.
Looking at the bags under his eyes, one can see that the monkey, like the man, is elderly. Affixed to the base of the statue is a bronze plaque that reads: “Genjiro and Yukitaro.” These two old friends sit and warm themselves in silence as the years and seasons pass.
As Long as long as the statue has been there, people passing by have paused, wondering how a monkey and a man could become friends because, as everyone knows, monkeys are pests and can be dangerous when humans get too close. Some people tell each other that such a friendship is unnatural, and that because it is unnatural, is impossible. Others believe that Genjiro and Yukitaro are characters that the artist made up. But everyone agrees that the statue is appealing, because the two old friends have such an air of tranquility and peace about them that people come and sit down next to it to enjoy their lunch, or to just sit quietly and look out at the river and the mountains, later commenting on how peaceful the experience was.
So it is that the old man and the monkey receive a constant stream of visitors who sit and enjoy their company in silence and take something of them away to warm themselves.
No one believes the old man and the monkey were real; but I know that they were because the old man was my grandfather, Genjiro Yamada, and Yukitaro was his companion and friend for the last five years of his life.
Now is the time for me to tell their story and reveal for the first time how an improbable friendship like that between a man and a monkey happened, how it was good, and how it ended. 
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