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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finally a post!!!!!

I know i know it's been ages that I even logged into my blogger account.My research kept me super busy that I hardly had time to keep up with anything around and with my mobile been lost I have been literally cut off from social networks as well. Books have helped me to keep up with my otherwise serious work, I failed to squeeze in  time to blog..Now that I have found some time to breath and relax I thought Ill do justice to my blog..
 That being said I was wondering why not a fun post rather than a book review for change..So here are some random facts about me..

  1. I love my name and I love my parents for christening me Vibina Venugopal, but they hardly call me by it. I'm still figuring it out what it means.I use vb (vibi) in my blog.
  2. Way back in school days I happened to visit a research lab with research buzz at its peak, staring at the research scholars in those squeaky white coats gliding around ,touched a string in me and here I'm, a research scholar doing my doctorate of philosophy in chemical-ecology.
  3. I love reading so much that there are hardly few books that goes unread even if they do not fall into my kind of genre.For me its the process of reading that appeals, but then genre that I don't like consume more of my time.
  4. I do not stick to my TBR list, I buy books by  hunch though nowadays I try to stick to the list.
  5. My wishlist is piling than the list I have read..(err call it my disability to keep up!!!)
  6. Though my mother tongue is Malayalam, I can't write it well when compared to Hindi that I learnt in school.
  7. My efficiency with Tamil is the same as that of Malayalam.(okay now I'm trying to improve both). Though I learnt Sanskrit I'm not good at that either.
  8. I have always wanted to learn Italian and live there at least for a month, Florence is my THE place to visit before I die.
  9. I'm a coffee girl , kind of addicted to it.
  10. I'm crazy about travelling, both for fun and for work.I can sit in a train and can go on forever.That is the reason I started my travel blog which I have not been able to update for a year (Its time that I'm banged for it).I love photography too but the the even the basic technical terms (like aperture, shutter speed, ISO) is greek and latin to me.
  11. I'm not claustrophobic yet long dark and closed corridors scare me .
  12. As a young girl I wanted to have pets but my parents refused (frown frown), how I wish to have a Persian cat someday.
  13.  My reflex coordination is so great that if someone throws something at me 99%  of it it would land at my feet than my hand, and if I throw something to the bin it lands just aside the actual bin.
  14. I love my food to be hot and I'm more inclined to Indian delicacy than any foreign cuisine though I do experiment also I eat fast and don't like to talk while I eat.
  15. Though I cook my food, I wouldn't  call myself a good cook, cooking  is something I'm yet to explore and master.But my mom is a great cook.I hope I inherit her skills.
  16. My favorite color is red, "My name is red" is one of my favourite books.
  17. I love wind chimes, candles(scented or otherwise). I have many around my place, I keep changing my decor of my room just to beat the monotony , it could be even decor of the wall or the least  position of furniture.
  18. I love gardening but living in the second floor of the apartment all I could manage is few potted plants in my balco.
  19. I have a guitar in my place for sometime which I haven't been able to learn till day.
  20. I'm not a fan of Harry Potter series though I loved the first two and liked the third , but my interest eventually faded with the subsequent books, anyhow I read all of them.
  21. Same is the case with Twilight series.
  22. I'm positive and a cheerful person 90% of the day.
  23. I have many friends with  few close, whom I have been annoying right from my school days, but unfortunately all live far.
  24. I can get along well with kids.
  25. I hate to wait and I'm irritated when someone keeps me waiting. I don't go anywhere late that makes me anxious.
  26. Cavin and hobbes used to be my favourite comic, Tom Jerry my favourite cartoon.
  27. I love dark chocolates
  28. I used to be and still am terrible in sports.
  29. I'm spiritual and can be religious too.
  30. I love to write but I have given up the habit of writing in my personal journal.I love non-fiction than fiction.
  31. I love history and I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was in school.Though I did not become an archaeologist my love for history stayed. I used to be good in history than in science.
  32. I love shopping ( ok now all girls do!!) be it for myself or someone else.I Love the sheer pleasure of getting dressed and going out for shopping rather than online shopping.
  33. I always carry a pen, notepad, book, umbrella in my bag and I love bags over clutch. 
  34. I can't keep up people's name(so bare with me if I recognize you still do not address you by your name) and dates, every time I have to record it in my lab log I have to check at least twice.
  35. I'm  really bad with math.
  36. I used to  name everything around me (for example my laptop, my bed, etc etc) call it weird or well just being  me.
  37. Butterscotch is my favourite flavour and I hardly experiment with other flavours.
  38. Suspense freaks me out, I don't mind watching a movie knowing its story line.
  39. I love celebrating my birthdays.
  40. I love tattoos but I don't have one on me.
So these are few random facts about me, and see you around my my regular posts.


  1. Hello and welcome back VB!

    Very enlightening lists of facts about yourself.

    Did you ever consider a post dedicated to Malayalam literature? It would open up a new new world of writers for a lot of people.

  2. thanks Brian for keeping up with my blog posts..My Malayalam is not that good with literature but I would do that in due course of time btw im thinking of Hindi Literature


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