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Friday, November 18, 2016

Book Review: Yuge by G.B Trudeau

Title: Yuge
Author:G.B Trudeau
Publisher:Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9781449481339
Price: $14.99

Now that Trump is the president -elect for the good or bad this book comes bit as a distressed humour. The book comes a premonition to his 30 years of work.Usually the comics go a step ahead exaggerating things but what we have been witnessing over the years this only makes the point clearly.The book starts from 1987 till 2016.
It all begins with this

When he keeps bragging about the quality of his ship, 

About his general attitude

His business dealing 

On the way he treats his employee

Hos does he name his business ventures

On putting his name on everything

 On the beauty pageants he owns

From his apprentice days

His hair fix.This one was particularly hilarious

 If you thought of being a president well

And when he announces his candidacy

His point on how he would make things great

Then more

If you thought that people wouldn't vote for him well then

And finally

 The book is sharp,brilliant amusing all a the same time.

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