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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book Review: Arranged love by Parul A Mittal

Title: Arranged love
Author: Parul A Mittal
Publisher: Metro Reads
Price: Rs 150
Page: 256
Genre: Chick lit/ Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Author

Buy Arranged love from
Buy Arranged love from

Suhaani's dream of living her dream vanishes into thing air, one fine morning when recession hits the United states....Back home in India she struggles through her life with a long distance relationship with loving parents wanting to get her married to someone of  their choice...As time pass she finds herself being attracted to Deep-her parent's choice but then what about Jay her half Indian boyfriend???

Chick-lit genre is slowly expanding its horizon through the country and Mittal has come up with an interesting pot pouri  through her latest novel..
Suhaani's life is a bliss with an independent  life as a master's student in the United States with a handsome boy friend and an alluring career ahead of her..Though she misses India somehow she has chosen to fit in the US penning down a future there...Going steady with her half Indian boy friend Jay she is not ready to open up with her family.. But Alas her parents are all set to bring her back home and marry her to someone of their choice..Their choice being Deepakan IITian ..From start their frequency seem to be antagonistic with each other..But funny twist of fate bestows upon her in the form of recession and she finds herself on the couch of her home with no job a long distant relationship and a freaked out attitude..With much pursuasion from her father she calls Deep for career advice and ends up in Deep's project to her utter astonishment... Worst to come she finds him quite interesting and a great guy to get along...Trying hard to cope up with Jay's western culture she suddenly questions her own choice on Jay...

Suhaani's  mother's farmville love was quite hilariously portrayed... FB forms a mention all through the book showcasing the everyday life of every Indian..For Suhaani FB status depicts her state of mind...But Suhaani's current issue is that she is working under the prospective groom to whom she is strangely aligned or attracted to...To put a full stop she decides to reject him with a poison dose of love to her astonishment he rejects her taking it all well...Read on to know what further happens in the Jay-Suhaani-Deep triangle..

Though the protagonist was Suhaani , I was in awe with Tanu di...In her thirties she believed in true love while  having successful career and a strong sense honesty... When she reunited with Champ or Rohan sir it was high cheers moment for me..On the other hand Neha her best buddy is all vivacious and highly flirty creating lively aura all around...Though Suhaani's dilemna  was well done I couldn't stop myself from being irritated with the lack of sensibility while dealing with Deep's emotions...Though she grows up as the novel progresses, her benchmark of honesty is something I couldn't handle on...Suhaani's mother comes through as a charmer with her Fb love and a fondness on its application, while her father and she shares a wonderful father daughter equation...

Overall I loved the whole treatment of the plot with Hinglish slang, love for Rafi, Gibran...The company of has all extremes of characters with every hue and colour painting very different perspective on love and relationship...This book is a sure scorer on lively read..

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