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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jaipur Literature festival

I have been away from my blog for quite sometime.. I told myself that procrastination will only  lead to death of something wonderful that I managed to create over the past few months..I have tonnes of book news to be shared, though my work had kept me super busy for all these time I know there is no excuse for being away from something I have started to enjoy so much..Over a period of time my blog and blogging has become a part of my life , though I am still mastering the art of expressing my views , I see a a good journey ahead of me...New year has been good for me.. I love anything that takes me to books and reading.. Book festival, author talk, reading club list of book gains my interest no matter what...So breaking the self imposed exile, here I go with some news happening ..What better way of set go!!!

Jaipur Literature festival is believed to be a the grand extravaganza in Asia-Pacific as far as the literary front is considered..It is held every year in Jaipur (India). And of course there are loads of books, readings, talks, debates, workshops and of course Cricket (Drool ) oh yea I am talking here, nothing is complete in this country without Cricket ..The picturesque  Diggi palace (Heritage hotel) in Jaipur is one among the venue..This literary festival is in its sixth year attracting international authors and writing...I only wish that I could participate at least the coming year...My interest grew many folds when I got to know that William Darymple is one among the directors of the festival along with Namita Gokhale, the festival is produced by Sanjoy K.Roy , Seuli Sethi and Teamwork Productions...Some important points are:

Dates: 24 January- 28 January 2013 
Venue: Though there multiple venues Diggi Palace is one among..

What else?? Just show up, oh yea there is no entry fee.. for more details regarding the talks and the latest news click here..

Good day everyone!!!!!


  1. Hello, I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! If you should choose to accept it my questions can be found HERE.

    You have a wonderful blog! :)

  2. Your blog is terrific and it is super that you plan to keep going! I know whet it is like to be busy and not havr time for blogging!

    Jaipur Literature festival looks fun! Have a great time!


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