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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Book review: The saint , the surfer and the CEO by Robin Sharma

Title:The saint, the surfer and the CEO
Author: Robin Sharma
Publisher:Hay House India
Pages: 224
Price: Rs 295
Genre: Visionary/ Inspirational/metaphysical/Indian writers
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Source: Personal

Buy The saint the surfer the CEO from
Buy The saint the surfer and the CEO from

Robin Sharma  has adopted the age old technique of conveying a message through stories like how our grandmothers used to do..I'm really not much onto self help book but this one takes your through the fictional tale that makes it readable..Jack Valentine is really going rough, nothing seem to work well for him, his job going through difficult time, he financially broke, his love life too seem to taken on a wrong path, she has left him for good to beat it all he is met with an accident..At the hospital he meets a dying patient, Cal..Cal is Jack's estranged father.. Cal Valentine  and his mother were separated when he was a kid and Cal  never returned until now..After the magical meeting with Cal, Jack's life is transformed forever..
Cal leaves Jack with a special gift, a letter and three first class airlines tickets with maps to Rome, Hawaii and New York..He is advised by his father to meet three masters and find answer to three questions..Has he lived wisely,loved well,and finally served greatly? that too in three months.T.Hence he sets on to journey to meet The saint, the surfer and the CEO.
First Jack meets the saint , Father Mike priest in a cathedral at Rome..Jack stays there for four weeks, he is given a personal journal to make entries . Here he is taught about destiny, authenticity and integrity, he is showed to access his true power getting to his spirit, he learns that being a spiritual man has nothing to do with religion but its all about being an authentic human being..
His next place Hawaii he steps onto the most beautiful beach on earth to meet Moe Jackson, a hearty guy with toothy grin, living in a thatched hut with a garden by the beach he helps Jack to open up his heart so that he can then open up to life and all its delight, in other words Moe becomes his personal coach of heart..Moe lives his life, moment to moment, dedicating his life in a state of continuous grace.. He tries to be alive to everything that unfolds for him ,in short he doesn't let his yesterdays take up much of his todays..Jack also learns that this simple surfer was the founder of one of the world's top advertising company..Jack also learns that miracle is nothing but more to a shift of mind that help you see things in a new way..Jack learns to follows his heart..
Finally he meets Tess Welch, CEO of a brokerage firm in New York..She becomes his career, leadership and life-legacy coach...She teaches him how to live a life that matters: how to shift from simply striving for success to creating lasting significance, how to manifest one's heart's desires in the physical dimension while building fulfillment in one's psychic dimension; and how to realize ones potential in career and grow into greatness..Jack is taught on the importance of value creation and the main aim of  business on how to serve selflessly..Jack learns that life is all about choices and one should choose how to live to have a better life..

Father Mike, a saint of sorts in a way he viewed and conducted his noble life, Moe Jackson, a cool dude who stays loose to the moments of his world while Tess Welch, CEO carries a charismatic persona that radiates..From each person he learns the three most important ingredient of life to lead a balanced life..The plot moves pretty fast that makes reading enjoyable , there were few quotes that I loved..simple language that carries deeper meaning to meaningful and essential part of life..Jack from a confused soul makes a markable transformation into a confident and happy soul, though there were few loose ends, I liked the novel on the whole..


  1. I am always interested in stories about people and what makes them tick. Sounds interesting.

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