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Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Review: The white company by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Title:The white company
Author: Sir Arhur Conan Doyle
Publisher: Rohan Book Company
Price: Rs 50
Genre: Historic fiction
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Personal

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Buy The white company from

I had abandoned this  book way back in my school days as I was tired of checking dictionary and bit irritated asking for my parents help with certain words and sentences..Now back home for a short vacation somehow this book attracted my attention, with its old tattered pages this classic invited me into its magical world and oh boy was I captivated!!! you bet ...Though I still needed some help with certain words it was a real treat..
For a man who was famous for his iconic Sherlock Holmes this one seemed way apart from it...
The story is set during the 14th century , beginning of the century was marked with  the church's power in decline and Muslims driving the crusaders, Templar to France, even the climate in Europe was difficult with continuous rains, Edward and his famous battle of Crecy all happens during this labyrinthine era...Knights and battles only made this century very interesting that was the inspiration for the author..
The novel revolves around the life and decisions of Alleyne Edricson who was protectively brought up in an abbey receiving his education as per his father's will..In order to make his final decision on ascetic life over a social life, he enters the outside world warily which also happens as per his deceased father's will....
Swiftly he is appalled by the reality of life.. But his honest, genuine and sincere approach finds him good friends like that of  John Hordle and Sam Aylward who become his true companion..They  associate with Sir Nigel travel to France to take over the command of the white company...All these was written during the context of Edward's campaign to seize power..In this story its black prince on the drive to annex  Peter of Castile and to the throne of the kingdom of Castile..Their zealous preparation of Sir Nigel's army through Spain and finally on the battle field at France sets the book full on with action and energy...
Military ploy in medieval times brought together with the essence of bravery, compassion and benevolence make it good pick to read on...The passage has beautiful description of the medieval times that captivated me..Alleyne's confrontation of people belonging to different walks of life only strengthen and gives greater depth to his perspective...Through all this do not miss the light of romance of Alleyne's with Lady Maude that Doyle has painted in a gentle expression..The plot is interesting and intriguing with few pleasing moments with all its charm...Every character right from the innocent Alleyne to Aylward to the wicked Buttesthorn stay in your mind even after you are done with the book...Though the language might slow down your reading pace with French and very lengthy passages, you ll only enjoy the book for sure...

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  1. I had never heard of this one but it sounds really intriguing.

    I find e - readers equipped with internet access them indispensable when reading works filled with difficult words and obscure references.


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