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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book Review: Modern Suburbia by Chris Merlo

Title: Modern Suburbia
Author: Chris Merlo
Genre: Suspense/ Thriller
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Author

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Nathan takes up one last odd job of a transportation assignment, even that meant going back to Teal County to which he shares a strange frequency thereby estranged from it and why not he would be handsomely paid for it..Seemed like an easy and harmless job at the outset , but things take a different turn as his attitude does not match with tranquility of Teal County..He is arrested and before he knows he is bailed out which take him by surprise, why was  he followed for such a small assignment with so much of effort...As a precaution he keeps his consignment to be delivered with him and there begins a web of issues that involved even F.B.I...He has to unravel the puzzle himself to save his neck and his best friends...

The plot was quite engaging and crisply edited..There were no unwanted para or dialogues that seemed out of place...Character were all well placed be it the protagonist Nathan with his dare devil , don't care attitude, to Emily the free spirited adventure seeker, Aiden was a true friend in need who was my favorite in the story...Illegal activities wrapped in the name of high profile transaction are presented well keeping up latest scenario..Drug, black money, sex all adorn the story with power packed  storyline..teal county hides lot of mystery in its silent and modest outset...Suspense was done well keeping up with the thriller twists and turns...The book gets my high point for its sprinting plot and execution...The book is best for a fast paced read ...

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