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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Review:Jahanara: Princess of princess by Kathryn Lasky

Title: Jahanara: Princess of princess
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Publisher: Scholastic Inc
Pages: 192
Price: Rs 888
Genre: Royal Princess diary
Source: Borrowed
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Buy Jahanara from

Jahanara is the daughter of a rich emperor in India. While she is showered with many riches, she is also confined by her strict religion and the rules of the palace.
In the 1600s, the Mughal emperors of India were among the greatest rulers of the East. Jahanara is the daughter of one of these ultra-rich and powerful figures, Shah Jahan, The Magnificent. The oldest and favorite of his children, she is showered with emeralds, diamonds, and rubies, and is attended by numerous servants and learned tutors. Yet, her world is not one of pure contentment. It is rife with intrigue and turmoil as her father fights for his rights to rule -- and she struggles against the confinement her Muslim religion dictates. Jahanara's diary allows readers to witness the exotic splendor and unforgettable drama of this past great dynasty.
Teenage ramblings of princess Jahanara , she is the daughter of Moghul emperor Shahjahan..Jahanara had everything she ever desired for jewels studded with precious gemstone, luxury in short a life of opulence and splendor ..Being the favorite daughter of her father, she could have anything even before she wished...But then when the emperor Shah jahan lost  a battle life wasn't that good as a prisoner but then winning back the throne and being crowned as the king are quite entertaining...The interesting part is the family tree that goes by through which we get a glimpse of the Moghul Dynasty..Living a life behind harem with strict rules imposed upon women she desires for her freedom, blessed with everything draped in grandeur and glory...She had a good eye , she observed keenly about the proceedings of state affair even as a teenager and she could record them..Her acceptance of other religion and treating all as equal made her stand out..We also get a personal touch through her observation of the family sharing her happiness when her baby sibling were born , her mother's pregnancy and through her step brother's rudeness...Her step brother Aurangazeb later was  known as the most cruel emperor among the Moghul rulers, he threw away his father from throne and imprisoned him he also killed his brother to strengthen his stand as a ruler..Even as a kid his intolerance for the Hindu is evident...A total set up of Moghul  palace comprising mistress, wives (who are Hindu , christian and Muslim) and many eunuch under harem is beautifully portrayed...Glimpses of Moghul architecture can also be read though nothing is dealt in detail...The book was an interesting read...
For a person like me who had read in length about Moghul empire, kingdom and palace with precious gems and setting the book didn't offer anything striking ...Though I enjoyed reading it something in it failed to impress me...

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  1. This is such an interesting period in time that I wished I knew more about! This book also sounds very readable and interesting.


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