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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book Review:A bolt of lightning by Satyen Nabar

Title: A bolt of lightning
Author:  Satyen Nabar
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Pages: 243
Price: Rs 125
Genre: Fiction/ Indian Author
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Author
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 Shiva, 35, hotshot executive, recently divorced, disillusioned with his life and fed up of the rat race in the corporate world, topples completely over the edge after an unexpected tragic incident. In a hilarious journey from the boardrooms of Bangalore to the hippies, face readers, casinos and rave parties on the verdant beaches of Goa, Shiva attempts to 'escape from it all' till his life suddenly changes in miraculous ways after an electrifying act of nature bestows him with an extraordinary gift. Anchored by the strong bond of friendship with his college mates, Sid and Adi, and propelled by love for Anita his estranged ex-wife, Shiva attempts to make the most of his incredible gift to unravel the secrets of life, death and happiness as the story races to its exhilarating conclusion in the exotic jungle valley of Arambol, Goa. A Bolt of Lightning is a witty and contemporary take on a midlife crisis story with an unusual twist in the tale. It at once touches the heart and entertains while offering a fascinating new perspective of the world we inhabit.

Call it midlife crisis, Shiva gets stuck in life,he had everything around him like a cool job with handsome salary, house in a posh residential area, love turned wife and two great friends yet in the most unexpected way he screws up his life...He cheats on his wife she divorce him and he is overwhelmed by his job responsibilities he finds solace in his his two college friends,Sid and Adi who lend him their helping hand not only that they have stuck together through every thick and thin..Sid and Adi are completely different to Shiva, while Sid is onto teaching  a very motivating personality who inspires every one around with his dynamic spirit and personality , Adi is very tom boyish born rich he experiments with various jobs till his calling to medicine clicks...
The plot and storyline was quite engaging... That being said, the moment I thought that I would love every bit of it  I was let down by the turn of events and when I thought I wouldn't be able to read it anymore things got pretty interesting, so for me this book had its high and low..There were  number of quotes from Sid that I marked which were motivating...When the story moved to Goa things got more interesting, there we are introduced to many characters who serve their purpose in the story be it the care taker of the shacks or the son of a millionaire who is a complete drug addict ...The old man and his adopted daughter also add interesting turns to the story who teach Shiva in their simple way...Though I was not head over heels with Shiva's character, I liked the way it evolved from a self centered guy who was tired of the responsibilities to man  who learns from his mistakes , he also takes step to make things better for everyone around ..Anita though she didn't have much role in the novel she acts like a propelling force to Shiva's actions...
A good twist came along in terms of bolt of lightening upon Shiva and things changed for him were done with a bit of reality check.. Hadn't it dealt it any other way I would have really been put off, thanks to Adi who did a good job in the climax...I also liked the way friendship was portrayed among the trio, the way they took care of each other in need...
On the whole the book was quite an entertaining read...I would recommend you to read it completely before liking or disliking the book ...For me it was a mixed feeling and I would definitely recommend for a light  read..

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  1. I tend to like stories that involve fanciful elements and present diverse characters and locales.

    Interesting that you almost gave up on this but in retrospect I guess that you are glad that you did not.


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