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Monday, June 25, 2012

The man by Irving wallace

Book Title: The Man
Author: Irving Wallace
Published by: Master mind
Price: I don't remember (got it in school days)
Pages: 751
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 8184681577
Ratings: 5 out of 5
Source: Personal copy
I first read this in my school days back in 90's..

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Douglas Dilman midwestern (like Barack Obama) black senator accedes as president of United states after the then President, vice- president and the speaker of the house die in queer accident in a quick succession.. Sixty one percent of the country disapproves him, worst part he himself doesn't think suitable for the job, yet in spite of all odds he slowly  raises to be "The Man" winning over impeachment concurring his own low conception about himself..

President (who is black) by default  faces stiff opposition all over., when he himself is trying to cope up with the current situation in the hot seat...Dilman doesn't think high of himself nor he finds fault with the prejuidism around ..There are times when he himself  is unable to push forward the line., in an instance he clearly portrays that "I am a black man,"not yet qualifies for human being, let alone president." His being a senator was namesake as a token to make peace with the liberal wing....He is a widower with an estranged daughter (who tries to pass on as white for her lighter skin and a son who doesn't approve of him..Demure to the core even in a relationship he is reluctant to go ahead with his biracial lady friend for the fear of speculation and complication....His stand as a president is depressing at times, he is not even able to veto an unconstitutional bill...Impeachment trial at the prime of the story was a thriller in itself though the end was predictable......
There is a sharp portrayal of goodness portrayed by the characters of Doughlas Dilman, Natan Abraham.. While Eaton's character is that of pretense of goodness... While reading I felt the frustration and anger that tribulation Dilman is subject to and I was too elated when everything settles down in a good note, I would say that is the beauty of Wallace's writing...Character of Dilamn is something loved and admired for his adroitness and critical vantage ,while I was equally frustrated at the extend of goodness in him...His dread of his competence comes froth time and again..Slowly and steadily he attests and I am sure readers would be happier against the anger of his enemies..It is a compelling read, long but worth every page.Thumbs up for the pat portrayal of the vicious rascim penned down through a congressman's rude remark, he says ., that he likes the white house to be white.... 

Novel end on a positive note ., Dilman celebrating New year with his lady friend with no more apprehension making peace with his children...An advisor comes with a news that two third of public have shifter into undecided column to the contrary of negative column , which means even he isn't likes , but isn't disliked either...First published in 1964 the books truly was well ahead of its times....Black President, impeachment it seems Wallace had made a prophecy.....755 pages and its all worth it..The book has aged with dignity..Its still as fresh as years ago........

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