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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wisha wozzariter by Payal Kapadia

Book Title: Wisha wozzariter
Author:Payal Kapadia
Published By: Puffin
Price:Rs 125 (got it for 109 from
Date Published: 2012
Pages: 84
Genre: Fiction -Young adult (9-12 yrs)
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: personal copy

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It is an amusing tale of a 10-year old Wisha who wishes to be a reader.How she accomplishes makes up wisha wozzariter.

At very young age I loved reading for they took me to places that only book could take  from Alice in wonderland happy ending disney tales.. adding a dash of Indian myth and culture by Panchatantra to Jataka tales, Moral witty tales of Tenali Raman as children I was exploring world full of fantasy...Most were illustrated  classics that I loved to browse and discover the world with them..These illustration helped me to take with me all those characters even after I had done with the books...Images of book worms were so alluring to me..

I wanted  to get my niece a book and thats how I bumped to this one.Before giving it to her I ended up reading..Wisha loves reading that she reads all the time ..She constantly wises to be a reader..Everytime she reads a good book (which she hates) she sighs feeling she could have done it better wishing to be a reader all the time.Enter bookworm who takes her through a journey in Thought express to Market place of ideas..The tale is amusing with Grand idea auction, Superhero salon and Bargain bazar making your good old days of creativity come alive..Wisha says "I write in confusion and crisis" raised my eyebrow, thinking what and all a10 year old can feel..This novel has illustration by Roger Dahl is very cute just like the tale itself..

 I hope my niece enjoys it as much I did..

                    And this makes 8 out of 30 for the south asian reading challenge

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