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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Abandoned: A Little Girl desperate for Love, a daddy who tore her childhood apart by Anya Peters

Title: Abandoned
Author: Anya Peters
Publisher: Harper Element
Pages: 352
Price: Rs 639
Genre: Non-fiction
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Personal

Anya is brought up in a family which wasn't hers, calling her aunty as mummy and uncle  as daddy she wasn't blessed the love and care of a family, worst she was physically and mentally abused by her drunken uncle..At eleven when things got into public she cracks that only leaves her homeless and a bleak future..Yet she fights for stability in life and she succeeds with flying colours..

After reading this book I kept telling myself how lucky I was to be surrounded with all love and care of family..Being pampered with the warmth of mom and dad...To read horrible tales of fiction never bothers me for a very long time as I know that may not have happened to real people, but reading a memoir like this is a stressing affair as I have a habbit of immersing myself completely into a book, I get attached to the characters very easily and a book like this gets me into a saddening mode..Glad that I read it completely to make me see the good parts of book..Anya was brought up by her mother's elder sister, she called her 'mummy' and she believed that to be true but her 'daddy' figure was just the wrong person,..He was always drunk abusive and she was physically and mentally tormented at the age of six..All these were a part of family secrets under wrap sealed completely..She endured all this hoping that her mummy would always be there loving her all through...But her uncle started abusing her in front of other children and her supposedly siblings start calling her whore.. At the tender age of eleven she breaks up giving away all her agony into public... Uncle is arrested and taken away, predictably her mummy takes him back...Kathy (her biological mom) and her friend Brendan (who happens to be her father) she is put in a boarding school to get on with a new life..But Anya longs for her mummy, and gets back, her mummy abandons out of guilt and she has none now , with no job, hopeless relationship she has no where to go ending up living in a car...This is the part where my spirit started to sore when Anya decides to fight back , she does odd jobs in hospital, visiting library to get internet access for sending job applications, finally she stumbles upon the world of blogging naming her blog wanderingscribe....It takes ages to admit that she is homeless and put all these things into words yet she finds courage to go ahead..Luckily she finds solace and encouragements through unknown people..Being anonymous adds up her morale to pour in all her troubles...With the help Ian Urbina a journalist of The New york Times , her blog gets international attention...She then slides onto writing a book , Abandoned ..Isn't this an inspirational tale of a girl who faced all the tribulation to end up into a stable life again with hopes..She also hopes that her Mummy and Kathy might also find a place in her life, she also plans to open up herself to Brendan..Inspite of describing all her tormenting childhood she quickly points out that this book is not about cornering anyone but to find courage inspite of odds...
Anya's writing is flawless though bit repetitive as she describes her time living in a car , anyone can call me partial for not complaining about it.....I only wish that people think before taking any hasty decisions especially when it involves a child..

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