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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky

Author: Katie Kacvinsky
Publisher: Graphia books
Pages: 320
Genre: YA/Romance
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Source: online

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As the title goes Awaken is a tale of Maddie who is awakend from her digital world to lead a normal life, this is of course made difficult as founder of the digital school is her father..Things go weary when she is attracted to Justin who insists upon the real world with more physical contacts rather living in a virtual world...Now its her father's turn to react to this situation, how Maddie finds a space and lead a life she had desire for becomes the rest of the novel...
Maddie is the protogonist of the novel who is like any other teenager, she re -reads 'The wuthering Heights' over and over.... The novel is set in 2060 and the whole plot is future forward, completely digital...Digital to the darkest core, even dating, movies ,chatting all were through virtual world...It didn't really sound surprising as that is where I guess we are all headed to....The digital world built by Kacvinsky is quite creative and amazing, it all sounds authentic and that's were the author scores..Maddie though reclusive about all this setup, still doesn't complain , she has somehow come in terms with all of these., that is until she meets Justin who is nothing she has ever met...She meets him on school chatroom and is attracted to him for no reason....He suggests Maddie to head on to a real tutor..All this goes against Maddie's father who happends to be the founder of Digital school...I likes Maddie with adrenaline rushing , the teenage syndrome of acting first and thinking about it later just fit into her character well..I liked her loving side as much the rebellious string, on the other hand Justin sounds more like a saint disguised as a teenager so full of message and advice....Ironically I read this book virtually..Okay was I the only one who didn't share the same energy with the end??
The start of the novel was classy
"My mom gave me an old leather-bound journal on my seventeenth birthday.At first the blank pages surprised me, as if the story inside was lost or had slipped out. She explained sometimes the story is suppose to be missing because its waiting to be written..Leave to my mom to give me something from the past to use it in the future:"
This book is an easy read, the pages that flip across easily....This is another book that got me by its cover .

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