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Monday, August 20, 2012

The wind of war by Herman Wouk

Title: The wind of war
Author: Herman Wouk
Publisher: Back Bay books
Price:Rs 994
Genre: Historic fiction
ISBN: 0316952664
Rating:4.5 out of 5
Source: Personal

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This is a the first of the book series by Herman through world war II..Victor "Pug " is a naval officer and confidant of  President Roosevelt..The story begins before the German's invasion to Poland and ends just after The Pearl Harbor attack...Story
Had I not known the book's genre I would taken for granted the book to be non-fiction, how dumb isn't...The mix of real and fictitious character works the real charm...The familys of Jastrows and Henrys all bring out their own strong point based up on their own cultural difference making a point clear that, out cultural background can blind or help us see certain in a way that might be for good or for bad...I loved Natalie Jastrow for her strong will and the determination to get things through her beliefs rather than plain set of notions..Aron Jastrow had lot of guts to remain in Italy in-spite of the threat lingering around...Byron who later married Natalie is a real charmer with his set of thoughts and way of life..All characters in the novel have strong personality unlike other novels where just hand around without much do to...Pug has his own worries about his not so good career and his low persona...Each character's vantage beautifully portrays different angles to the same situation is very unique to Herman's writing..The book gives crisp accounts of the political and military scenario and tactics with all details..Hitlers regime his internal tactics was another interesting part that I loved reading but there were at times bit boring for me with too many details to follow...Written years ago I didn't even feel it out of date, only certain writers have an aura to aged elegantly..The book is totally engaging and engrossing that could feel as huge in the beginning but once you get the hang of it , you would enjoy every bit of reading it..After reading this I am really looking forward to read the sequel "War and remembrance".

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  1. As I am really interested in the historical period I have always thought about reading this. Your commentary makes it sound very worthwhile.

    About thirty years ago there was a television mini series shown in America based upon this work. Though I last saw it when I was a teenager I remember it as being very good.


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