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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fatwa Living with a death threat by Jacky Trevane

Title: Fatwa living with a death threat
Author:Jacky Trevane
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: online

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Jacky was young and so full of life with lot of dreams for her Mr Right, luckily she met Omar her prince charming during a vacation in Egypt, in spite of the language barrier they ended falling for each other..Against her parents advices she went back to Omar , little did she know then that she was stepping on to hell..Now she has to escape from Egypt with her two daughters...With a death threat and only courage to support she sets on flee for her daughter's safety...

The book opens with Jacky trying to escape from Egypt with her two children, T told myself that I shouldn't have given up the habit of reading the end before really starting to read the book itself but somehow I felt that it kills the book if you read the end, and so very rightly for this book, this book runs like a suspense thriller... Jacky is physically abused by her husband, she doesn't want to escape alone leaving back her two daughters, there are other book were I have read about mothers abandoning children for getting a life and here she is acting like a true parent..She expected a life to be a fairy tale with married to handsome Omar she fell in love with and to live happily ever after., but it turned out to me more than a nightmare...This book was in my list for ages..Jacky took a huge risk in plunging into the unknown territory by marrying Omar against her parents advice..She blindly makes up her mind to blend into a culture she has never been part of, she thought that love would conquer horizon and would transcend beyond cultural differences, but her life turned out to be worser than the worst...The fact that the whole episode happened back in early eighties when there were less media access to gain support and help., makes Jacky's tale even more enduring...She faced it all with quite determination, it took all persistence to wait for a year to make that precious $50 funding herself to escape from Egypt through desert to Israel.....Only trouble is that she is haunted till date with the hard tale...This book was an interesting page turner, I just can't say how much I was fascinated by Jacky's toughness to cruise through all....

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