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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heart of the hunter by Linda Anne Wulf

Title:The heart of the hunter
Author: Linda Anne Wulf
Publishers: Hydra publication
Genre:Historical romance
Rating:3 out of 5
Source: Publishers

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Fianna witness a murder and is hunted by the killer..Running for life she falls,while her hope for survival is fades away, a stranger a boy of almost her age saves her..He disappears in a swish just the way he appeared..Eight years  later they confronted each other by the twists of fate..Fianna is intrigued by the indifference of the stranger she has been waiting all her life..Stuck in Manor house with the killer after her, will Gareth (stranger) and Fianna solve the mystery thereby discovering their lost charm??
Set up in a countryside with a murder mystery,romance yet to be unraveled a twist here and there, best part the author gives all of these right in the beginning  ... What more you need to get you reading ..Of course those were my initial thoughts...The prologue got me glued to the book ..I couldn't wait to know about Fianna's savior and  the love of her life...But the stranger unexpectantly turns out to be in the very same house Fianna is forced to live while their old connection seemed distorted much to the agony of Fianna...In spite of eight years she makes no mistake in recognizing those eyes...Fianna seemed silly heading to the forbidden forest time and again..I love author's play of letting out clues in bits and pieces..But the whole plot was spoiled for me when I figured out, that Fianna and Gareth were hunting for the wrong person..Another disappointment was the Fianna Gareth intimate plots..Man that ran to pages... I felt they could have been edited and skimmed..I liked the love hate relation of Fianna and Gareth , when I almost feel that everything set on a smooth ride ahead of them something drives them apart...The tour around Manor house was amazing for me with its strange people around, the ghostly aura gigantic windows and paintings...The whole writing paints an age gone by effortlessly...The way Fianna's mother leaving her children in manor house without leaving a message was so not like her character, yet it added to the mystery of the book...All in all "Heart of the hunter" is  a breezy read that takes you high right in the beginning...

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  1. Hi VB,
    I've enjoyed this book too. Like your review!


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