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Monday, July 9, 2012

Walking around with fragrance of books

Fragrance in old..Well I was referring to the fragrance of old book... being surrounded by old books feels like heaven isn't.. Personally I can spend my life  surrounded by them and every time I drop into an old library  is to get myself into the mesmerisng  fragrance of it..I feel as though they are whispering all their deep secrets treasured in, through their mystic fragrance..Now what if you can smell like an old book all day ????  I wasn't really kidding.,  there is indeed a perfume that makes you smell like an old book...It is called "In the Library"

Now I don't have to say anything about "CB I hate perfume" ain't I!!!! okay to those once  ignorant like me, CB-Christopher Brosius who is world renowned for making the fragrance so perfect to the strange labels.. His  bestsellers are soaked earth(that smells like dirt), snow, Mr.Hulot's holiday and many more... There are two formulations available in this range water and absolute..

The company note:
"This scent is for those who can’t walk past a second-hand bookstore without coming away with at least one additional volume…that special smell of an old book you find buried in book store and you open it and breathe in…wonderful! In The Library is a subtle scent, and it’s not so much the exact recreation of the musty, antique smell of the pages of old book as much as it is the entire book…a hint of worn leather bindings, a whisper of the frayed cloth and the wisp of wood polish from the shelves it sits on and even a bit of sweetness we can’t place. In The Library is comforting and warm with soft, worn edges and no single obvious note…it never screams musty old parchment or crisp new leather, it’s more like a faint memory rolling around in your mind and inspiring you to dream of a long afternoon in an old leather chair curled up with a novel. Its inspiration was an old, signed first-edition book that Christopher found one lucky afternoon in London."

There are more to the book lovers "Paper passion perfume" by Geza Schoen in collaboration with publisher Gerhard steidl  and wallpaper magazine ,released in May 2012...Unlike "In the library" this perfume smells of fresh printed books..

The perfume is in book case with texts by karl Lagerfeld..That is a beautiful packaging for people who love books at the same time want the luxury of a perfume in it....

Thats a way to go isn't....The inspiration came from his own studio and printing facilities in Germany.. Now Schoen has created a niche in the world of perfume with Escentric 01., which with its heavy dose of woody Iso E molecule that when get mixes with one's pheromone creates an unique fragrance for every person, now that I would call an innovation...

Other perfumes inspired from book fragrance are:
  • Paper back by Demeter Fragrance Library
  • Opus II-Library collection by Amouage
  • Hamman Bouquet by Penhaligon's
  • Sacre Couer by Ego facto

If  e-readers feel that they are left out of league there's one for them as well..Its "Smell of books"..It is an aerosol e- book enhancer ..Company claims that it is compatible with e-readers  with 100% DRM (Digital right Management) compatibility..Now don't avoid e-book just because they don't smell right LOL...

Will all these revive the passion for books.. That is something we will have to wait and see...So enjoy the days all out there...


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  4. Mmmm..nothing better than the smell of books!!!


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