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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Confessions of a shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Title: Confessions of a shopaholic
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Black Swan
Pages: 320
Genre:Romantic comedy
Price: Rs350(got it for 268 from
Rating: 2 out of 5
Source: Personal

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                     Buy Confessions of a shopaholic from

Rebecca Bloomhood has a life that any girl dreams of , a cool flat to boast about and a killer wardrobe with season's best but the only trouble is she is unable to afford both...The irony is of course her job of being a financial journalist were she advice others on managing their income eventually saving for a better future..

I bought this book early this year because of my online shopping spree, hoping to relate to her .. Unfortunately I was disappointed...Firstly I found it more of an young adult novel than an adult novel,ad I should have read it in my teenage, still it was an easy read so I would not complain...I loved the way it starts off with her piling her credit card debt and her subsequent sprint to do something to  pay off the bill ending up doing nothing..Her life becomes awful day after day, she dreads to open mail , her steps to earn more too flops miserably...In spite of all this she is allured to any SALE..Even though I found her irritating , I am sure there are many becky out there who are unable to control their shopping crave...Worst part Becky uses shopping as a mean to get over her emotional ebb..I found Luke Brandon rude and Sue becky's flatmate  interesting...The novel ends up in a fairy tale note as everything falls in place with her prince charming by her side, but in reality this may not happen to people in this state...Don't even think about reading the book if you aren't familiar brand names...While reading I felt like skipping through few plots, still liked Becky's feeling when she passes by a shop that has a great brand apparel on Sale..I think shopaholic might end up liking the novel and even find Becky to be hilarious..
Do not grab the book if you are looking for a serious read...It is for a complete mindless read...


  1. Have not read the book but liked the movie!! well portrayed by Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy! :) saw it two yrs back and still havent deleted the copy form my lappie :)

  2. Mostly the books appeals to me than the movie somehow in this case the movie had an upperhand over the book..


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