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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore

Do you like to buy books from a bookstore,or is it the online shopping you are into???..For me though I love to spend hours in a bookstore exploring new books reading a random page or two, touch, smell and be happy at the sight of tonnes of books piled neatly,I get most of my books from online sites as all good bookstores are far away from I live,and online sites are easy when you know what book you want to buy..
But I came across this bookstore recently while browsing..I couldn't help myself from sharing it with you...Its the "Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore" in Maarstricht, Netherlands...The awesome bookstore has been designed by Merrkz +Girod Architecten..
At the outset this is how the bookstore looks like, isn't that magnificent!!!!!!!!!The church has not been a place of worship since 1794 after Napolean's army's confiscation..
Ever since, the church space has been used for various purposes even for parking bikes..What an idea!!!
The amazing thing about the book store is that the architects haven't ruined the original set up of the church., they retained the vintage look and aura to the whole church adding a dash of modernity ..The bookstore is a part of Selexys chain consisting of books of all genre, magazines and highest stock of English books in Maarstricht...

The whole bookstore is three-stored and architects haven't even drilled a single hole to the wall..and the result is this..

Walking through , I believe one would get to see the mural in close up.. I read  that while restoration, many  murals were uncovered..

To add a religious touch there is a cross shaped table..
Walking through the aisle of books must be an experience in itself..And I couldn't take off my eyes from the grandeur of the ceiling., it looks so good..

Altar is replace by coffee corner and ironically Bible is no more the most sought book here..

This  bookstore is a hit among architects but how good it appeals a book lover is something I would loved to find out myself..Hope someone reads this and funds me..LOL!!!
Happy book shopping and reading...


  1. Hi Vibina!
    That is indeed an awesome book store. Since I actually live in the Netherlands I've had the opportunity to visit it a few times (not too often though, for it's more than 3 hours away from where I live) and it really IS awesome! :-)
    Thanks for following my own blog by the way :)

  2. wow thats great..I loved this bookstore so much just by the pics..I must say I am a bit J..Lol..How are the collection of books there??Is it as good as the bokstore istelf??

  3. That depends on what you like to read, I guess. They mainly have books in Dutch, but they also have a small section of books in other languages, French, German, Italian and English. Books in English is probably their biggest foreign section. But the place itself is really beautiful. :-)


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