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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review:You have gone too far sir by Danny Bent :Blog tour

Title: You have gone too far sir
Author:Danny Bent
Publisher:Taylor street books
Genre:Adventure, Experimental/Inspirational
Rating:4.5 out of 5
Source: Review copy @ Bewitching book tours

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Not going by the trail others left , Danny Bent makes his own path for a larger good...

Like a cycle ride , it begins all slowly, first an accident that becomes the defining moment of Danny's life..His love for cycling and the long rides has been the thing of his life, and when he chose this to carry his life was only predictable, but the extend he choses only raised my eyebrow..To raise money for actionaid he rides through continents, starting from England riding through Europe all the way through western India all the way to India was on a high note of inspiration...
All through the book its the zeal and zest for his life that I loved and admired, going through bumpy roads enduring every moment of hardship for a greater good..I know how tough is to maneuver through Indian roads on a two wheeler and a cycle is something I don't even want to imagine..All through teaching in school getting inspired through the lives of children he gets to meet, his words are too beautifully put in...The food poisoning , getting sick , coping with the culture shock, road traffic, sour leg,shivering through the nights with just the spirits to push him ahead is one hell of ride..
Another thing that I love was his sense of wit and fun, he lives by moments never boasting about the things he did just observing and retelling the tales in a way that his spirits touches the reader..He hasn't gone overboard noting the drawbacks of any country, he is been to, putting those observations in a a politically correct angle..Though there are no much historical background of the places he visits or the roads he takes, there are all  engaging and inspiring in every way..I highly recommend this one..

About the author

Danny Bent was born near Buxton in the Peak District into a very loving and supportive family.

His father was an international athlete and Danny was necessarily introduced to the attractions and rigours of sport at a very early age, and to cycling (down steps) not long afterwards.

He is an international tri-athlete and a bog diver, and has an aptitude for the sort of adventures which require major endurance and a great deal of luck to survive.

Fortunately for us, he is also an excellent raconteur, loves life and hugs people whenever possible, which means he gets access to a host of excellent stories and escapades he can roll around his tongue, and entertain us thoroughly, all at the same time. 

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  1. Great and informative commentary VB.

    I like the fact that the author does not brag too much.


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