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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Book Review: The Notebook by Nicholas Spark

Title:The Notebook
Author:Nicholas Spark
Genre:Romantic fiction
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: e- book
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Buy The Notebook from

I saw the movie and somehow missed the book, though I had an e-book for a long time but kept on postponing until I happened to see the movie again..What I love about Spark is he always portrays the true love with no much eccentricities still going on the edge every single time that lives forever..For people familiar with Spark's work , the plot might be very predictable , but the characters would sweep you off with their authenticity, honesty and life .
As this one is a very popular version I wouldn't waste time in giving a short note still to begin with, I would say like any other romantic tale there lived two lovers who haven't yet attained the stage of stability of their relationship at their first meeting, just the flames are lit which both are yet to decode , whatever it is they have great summer together and  are torn apart by WWII..Noah Calhoun is unable get over it and lives his life in the fond memory of the gone by time until one fine day when his lady love Allie Hamilton returns to town , but expectantly she is engaged to be married to someone else...With just few weeks for the marriage Noah has limited time to get his feelings across Allie, while Allie is one to make the final choice of her life..Will true love triumph?? If yes what would happen to them?? What I liked about Spark is that he didn't stop with the happily ever after  tale but added few more doses of hard times in the form of Alzheimer's disease to the Allie and the story unravels in the reverse chronology..
Memories being erased are the worst thing that could happen to any person,it takes years to paint a canvas with our memories ,and when they are taken away from us nothing could be that bad...Spark has taken this angle to surface the true love..Allie writes down every moment of their life together and after years of togetherness when everything is wiped off her thoughts, its Noah who reads to her from the notebook every single day for the rest of their lives..
More than the plot I loved the characters Allen and Noah to the core..Allie is vivacious, extemporaneous, passionate while Naoh is gentle, calm with quite an energy and attitude..Together they complement each other so very well...The book is full of sweet moments that made me wish to take the hand of my love in mine for a walk ..The familiar phrases of lovers- love, pain and loss is made alive by Spark in this book, so read it if you are a hard core romantic...

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  1. I have not seen the movie nor have I read this. Continuing what would be a typical story on into a degeneration due to Alzheimer's disease sense like a brilliant but very sad touch.

    I will watch the movie soon and try to get around to reading it also.

  2. I love Sparks, his characters always grab you. Great review!


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