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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book Review:I am the Messenger by Markus Zurkas

Title: I am the messenger
Author: Markus Zurkas
Publisher: Random house Children's books
Price: Rs 576
pages: 368
ISBN: 030743348X
Genre: Mystery
Rating 4.5 out of 5
Source: Borrowed

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Ed Kennedy is an underage cab driver who lives a life with no prospects for future or ambitions but suddenly by the turn of events he is onto the shoes of messiah in his own means , but is he up for the challenge when it comes to deal with his won friends??

"My full is Ed Kennedy.I'm nineteen. I'm an underage can driver.I'm typical of  many of the young men you see in the suburban outpost in the city- not a whole lot of prospect or possibility. That aside , I read more books than I should , and I'm decidedly crap at sex and doing my taxes. Nice to meet u."

Needless to say that the protagonist of the novel is Ed , he doesn't have a very interesting life, or nothing to look forward, but on the other hand his best friends are all well set in their respective lives who are nearly his age, even is brother gets a lot of attention by being a star in college..His mother who doesn't bother much about him, bugs him otherwise for being just an average guy...This is all his life until he unintentionally by sheer twist of situations stops a bank robber from escaping and he becomes a hero ,thanks to the local newspaper for an elaborate coverage and he is in the spotlight, then follows a series of cryptic messages with playing cards and addresses, reason he has to deliver messages to them.. Bottom line he has to make a difference to people that none can make otherwise, he is required to render his helping hand to people in need and that ranges in the complexities from being a victim of an abusive husband till the card points to deal with his best friends and he quickly  he realizes that he has been a complete stranger to them all these years...

I loved Zurkas's earlier book The book thief (click here for review), hence I didn't hesitate to pick this one.. .Ed is a lively guy in his late teen dealing with issues and no purpose in life, but when he is struck by it, he gears up for the task..Audrey (female lead) pushes Ed to friends only zone and they remain just that till things starts unfolding..I only wish if I could love Audrey the way I loved Ed..Ed's character and persona slowly develops from an average well read guy to become THE GUY with extraordinary grit, aspired with resolve and mission to make a difference in his own small way..The best part is that Ed doesn't realize his incredible contemplation...In every person he is able to see the beauty with all its honesty ...I loved his smelly lovely dog with its extra affinity to coffee..
"Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Nor in what they say
Just in what they are."
Zurkas has amazingly woven to bring together the essence of life. After reading it, I am sure people would sit and think about the purpose of one's life at least for few minutes and the way one sees a stranger ..I loved this one all in all for the fun and wit and an angle that highlights the beauty of life and relationships..

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  1. This sounds like a great story. The Book Thief is fairly well known but I had v=never heard of this one.


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