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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Review: Circles by Ruby Standing Deer : Blog Tour

Author:Ruby Standing Deer
Publisher:Evolved Publishing
Genre:Historic fiction
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Source:Review copy @ innovative online book tours
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Spiritual journey through words of wisdom that lead a boy to stand as a leader of his land leading them to shelter and safety..Feather floating in water -Feather has nothing but his grandmother's initial guidance to follow his dreams and his own spirit to help him through..

Novel revolves around native American's life through a touch of spiritual wisdom...When the novel opens up Feather floating in water is eight winter old, he is a gifted boy who has dreams of visions he is yet to decode, his grandmother, Bright sun flower is already into the spiritual thought process, hence understands him and helps him time and again to clear of his troubled dreams..She teaches early how things are interconnected taking examples through the famous food web .. Feather grows up as a free spirited young lad filled with life in the warmth of his family...Like any other kid he loves to listen to stories , he never gets tired of listening to them..He carries legacy in his blood , his great grandfather from whom he has inherited his name also had visions and dreams..He was a true leader who led his people away from danger settling them down by the sea shore and thus called The Fish people...Slowly and steadily his grandmother instills in him to believe in his abilities, his visions, through everyday examples laying a strong foundation on how to connect his visions and there by acting upon them..He is given all fed very early in life because he is the one destined for it, save his people from the hard times, making them believe in his visions and  leading for a better tomorrow , but by then he is just nine winters old ,how can a young boy lead his people.. How can he overcome obstacles  to open up  to his spirit that would lead the way..He has not much time left when his land is invaded and his people at grave danger...

Native American culture is so beautifully described in a profound traditional set up, yet I felt there could have been more information about it...The layers of wisdom shed through them effectively, timely deeply wrapped through simple thoughts and ideas..The characters warmed me up with their way of life, the lessons are through simple events around us..
"Why do flowers not bloom in the cold season? Why are there hills and valleys?" He stopped long enough to hand her a stone. "What makes some stones different in color from others?"
and then follows the answers...
Author has kept the native touch through the characters vividly.. They play diving eagles, take cue from the sun's shimmer and glow, go by the season, live as a closely knit clan helping each other, leading a free spirited life indeed...Author has an introduction page where reference to the characters might be found..Though the novel itself is self explanatory yet readers might get an idea just in case...Fish people live so close to nature with everyday scenery unfolding to its fullest, eagles calling, starlit night to dusk and dawn that I wanted to get immerse in them...I  loved Chases butterflies, Feather's cousin who stands by him believing in him  rendering courage and support whenever his spirit ebbs away..
All through the novel the freshness of damp soil, scent of freshly bloomed flowers, canyons, rustling sea, broad horizons paint a colourful picture encapsulating in the wonder of nature ..The end was truly in Alchemist style only difference being that here, ancient People guide him through visions to a secret place helping him and his people..I highly recommend this book to everyone,even to those  who are not interested in spirituality a read for the native American touch, ..

About the author

Author of Circles, Spirals and Courage Through Fear, a short story in a book called Evolution Book 1 Put out by my publishing Company, Evolved Publishing.

Life is a wondrous mystery that I still explore. I spent my youth "feeling" my way thought it. I traveled throughout the seventies, standing on one highway ramp or another, exploring the many corridors of our country, learning about life and what it had to offer.

In 1979, deep in winter, I settled down. I was lucky enough to become the first woman journeyman pressman of a major newspaper in Colorado. After ten years of working on printing presses, an injury forced me down another path.

I made and sold jewelry, cared (still do) for abandoned animals, volunteered for a horse rescue as well as a no kill shelter. I went to school for so many different careers that ended up combining my credits to get a degree in horticulture. Unfortunately, or so I thought back then, two car accidents during my last semester, my last class, prevented my pursuing it as a living.

I had no idea what my future held, but I was fortunate; my caring and understanding husband allowed me to explore other paths and I found one I knew I belong on--writing.

Back then, I had no idea "someone" was pushing me to become a writer.

I had taken creative writing classes off and on throughout my college years, because I always felt the need to write. Nothing came of it, except satisfying my own desires, until that special dream guided me to write my novel, Circles.

I joined a couple writing groups to improve my skills. I met David Lane (aka Lane Diamond), my editor, in a group. He taught me to keep going, not to get discouraged, to write and never give up. He stuck with me and gave me the confidence I needed in myself, to let go of doubt, to move forward.

My animals taught me about myself through their own lives. They showed me that I had the patience to push onward toward my destiny, that to give up meant the end. They helped me learn that if I willed myself to wade through all the murky waters, eventuality, I would see clearly enough to move forward.

I am currently working on Stones, the third in this series and a book of short stories of the paranormal that will have something for everyone even if you are not sure you believe. I might just change your mind!

My mixed bloodlines have shown me many things in life that I am truly grateful for. Thank you, Great Mystery, for the dreams, for the guidance, for the whispers in my mind.

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The beginning of change....
Feather Floating In Water woke shivering in the warm lodge. Dreams like this haunted him more as he became older, but this one—so real—made him jump up from the sleeping robe he shared with his grandmother. Screams and shouts of people running from burnt lodges still tortured his mind. Their confused expressions! And the fires, so real, had warmed his face.
How is it that dream flames can burn my face?
He sat up in the dim light and peered toward the top of the lodge, where Father Sun peeked through the flap that allowed smoke to escape. Sunrise. I am home and I am safe.
Bright Sun Flower stirred beside him. She must have heard him, probably felt his every movement. "Grandmother," he whispered, "I hear mother and grandfather sleeping. I need a walk, by myself. I will not go far, just to my favorite ridge."
"What troubles you, little one?" She too whispered, as she broke small sticks and tossed them into the low burning embers of the lodge's fire pit.
Flames from the freshly fueled fire brightened the lodge. Bright Sun Flower reached for her thick robe, dense with the hair of the hump-backed animal that thundered across the lands. She wrapped it around the dress she had managed to slip on before the lodge's fire came to life.
"I... I need to be alone."
"You are but eight winters old. Let me go with you, so your mother will not worry when she wakes."
 Most nights, after his grandfather had rolled over to sleep, Feather made his way from his mother's robes to his grandmother's. His mother's rhythmic, soft snores never changed. She seldom stirred, sleeping the peaceful nights of one not plagued by dreams.
Like him, his grandmother had dream visions, maybe the same ones. After one such bad dream, Bright Sun Flower had taken him out to wander the canyons to help him clear his mind. She had told him her dreams showed that he had a destiny, an important one. They had talked and walked until he relaxed enough to laugh and dance around her again.
She had also told him she once held great Power, but gave it up to have a family. Now that her moon times were no more, her Power had returned. Feather, like all of the children, was part of everything that went on in the band. No one kept secrets from the next generation, and he understood moon times... as much as any male could.
What did all this mean—this destiny? Feather leaned up on his knees and watched her add a few more sticks to the hungry fire. Sweat beaded on his forehead and he caught her staring his way when he wiped it with the back of his hand. He wrapped his own robe around himself and crawled past his mother toward the lodge's flap.
"Too young for so many worry lines, Grandson. We should go talk about what bothers you."

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  1. Great review as always VB!

    This sounds great. There really are not enough books that revolve around real native American culture, even here in the USA.

    You note that there was not enough information on it VB. I have a feeling that I would have the same impression if I were to read this. I always want to know more and more!


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