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Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Review:Rekindled by Tamera Alexander

Title: Rekindled
Author: Tamera Alexander
Publisher: Thorndlike Press
Genre: Christian historical fiction/Romance
Rating:3.5 out of 5
Source: friend

Buy Rekindled from
Buy Rekindled from

It was one of my friends who send this book to me and just going by the genre I didn't pick up this book for long..Finally I gave upon over her insisting...I love to read romantic novels...Off late though I haven't been able to do ample justice to it....This book was passed on to me from a friend...As the title suggests its about the rekindled love between Katryn Jennings who leaves behind her family and wealth for the love of her life Larson..But soon after her wedding she moves to Colarado Territory and discovers that her marriage is not on par with the happily ever after tale.Small misunderstandings,  conflicts creates much trouble between the couple slowly drifting away from each other..On a stormy Christmas eve Larson disappears leaving Katryn all alone with her grief and sadness, yet somehow she believes that Larson is alive somewhere..His absence rekindles the love and romance that they had missed with their saturating companionship..With a child yet to be born  she keeps his dream of their home from falling apart..All of a sudden she is attracted to the disfigured ranch for no reason and strangely he watches over her as her guardian angel till the story sewed together into perfection..She also finds help from unexpected quarters @ Annabelle a local prostitute..Will Larson emerge  after standing up various hardship to reach Katryn???, well read the book to know more  ...The book picks on the flame of love that brightens after ten long years...

Rekindled explores the distance strengthening the bond between two lovers to portray the faith and trust in the love of each other...Even as the relationship had become not so comfortable to each other , their absence lets them know the real value of in each others lives...I enjoyed the romantic moments between Larson and Katryn, the classic vintage romance..I am not sure if I would read the subsequent books of the series..I didn't go gaga over the book nor I was put off..The book has a warm and wonderful moments but may not appeal as a whole....

Book 5 for TBR challenge

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