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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Book review: The cat cellar and other stories by Mayra Calvani

Title: The cat cellar and other stories
Author: Mayra Calvani
Pages: 71
Genre: Short story
Rating: 4 out of 5

Buy The cat cellar and other short stories from
Buy The cat cellar and other stories from

Its a collection of dark, short stories.
Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu (in Spanish)
The Gift
The Painting
Things to Do on a Hot Day
The Cat Cellar
Killing Writer’s Block
Little Hunting Games 

It is a collection of seven short stories...The book starts with "Déjà Vu" a story of Amanda and Felipto, Amanda belongs to an influential part of the society, during one of her visits from the market to home Felipto a young boy steals her purse and runs away, subsequently a bond develops between them, she invites him to her home for Christmas, but what I discovered surprised me ..."The gift" explores darker side of Gabriel a high school  graduate living with his mother, she gifts him two puppies and he can go beyond the normal world when he works with them even taking revenge on people who irritate him..."The painting" is another dark tale revolving around a guy living by himself in an apartment with a painting that has an ability to peep into his soul, he is often disturbed by the neighbor upstairs with her pointed heels and her argument with her husband and he had a way to deal with her, later he scribbles down his confession fast and furious yet carrying an air of calm around him...."Things to do on a hot day" is about Robert who makes a choice for an animal that has come to his door asking for it ...." The cellar" was my favorite , Steve takes a room at The Pension a two story room managed by lady with strange features..The place had cats with costly artifacts around its neck, he could even hear cats in the cellar, he is disoriented and disturbed yet takes a room in there but when he wakes up he is hit by the weirdest reality he is forced to live for the rest of his life..."Killing writer's block" ,Greta is a first year creative writing student at Tampa who is visiting her aunt Carla she is in her  sixties, she is introduced to Julio a guy in his twenties with heavy Spanish accent, Greta is shocked to learn that he is her aunt's lover.. Everything about the place and is weird and strange,Carla paints strangest paintings she has ever came across, her eyes are intriguing, Carla doesn't know what is she after, her innocence, youth or her idealist nature?? "Little Hunting Games" is about four people Elliot and his wife Marjorie, Frank and his girl  friend Evie, Evie is new in the world of corporate a world transcending between the grey part of life..Evie slowly transforms into the so called corporate world of dead enjoying the game of kill with seduaction...

The stories are for a breezy read completely dark and paranormal , disturbing and disorienting at times...Calvani has explored the satire with style....The characters are unique who appear disturbing and engaging..The plots are crafted like that in shades of secrets ,secrets that are awaiting to be unwrapped..Though few stories were too quick, I liked my share of this genre that caught me off guard...

Book 3 for short story reading challenge

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  1. I really like macabre, slightly off kilter spooky stories. These sound really good. They sound atmospheric which for me, are a key element to this kind of tale.


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