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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book review: Delhi 101 by Ajay Jain

Title:Delhi 101
Author:Ajay Jain
Publisher: Kunzum an imprint of TCP media Pvt Ltd.
Price:Rs 395
Genre:Travel/coffee table
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Publicist

Buy Delhi 101 from
Buy Delhi 101from

"The city has been abused like every ruler's mistress, but was often rewarded with palaces as befits a Queen..It shed tears evrytime it was ravaged by those within and from far beyond, but given reasons to smile whenever peace followed."

India has been a traveler's delight  a  hub for various travel writers. From historian's like William Darymple to not so famous others love the country for its diversity and various shades of colors...Right from time immemorial Delhi has been a thing of beauty and power for invaders and rulers alike..Destruction and revamp have been a part and parcel of Delhi, Dilli whatever you choose to call...From being Mughal capital to being the capital of the country this city has seen a hub of commotion like no other..For this particular reason. writing a book on Delhi is easy and difficult at the same time...Easy for the reason that lot of research has been done already, and this reason affects in a negatively too..Now what can a writer tell the reader new about the known city to gain interest... Delhi 101explores 101 hotspots of the place, some famous and some not so famous to give a sense of wholeness to anyone who plan to visitin the future..Apart from describing the history and importance of the place, as a bonus to the reader there are tips given in a coloured box towards the end of the place of description..The book doesn't have a separate chapter dedicated for its history on the other other hand it opens up with Quwwat-Ul-Islam mosque, Jain let the place speak for itself discovering the history..There are known historic facts described in the book and Jain hasn't wasted much of the space in elaboration, he has put in a very comprehensive way that a newbie would get an idea while others don't get bored..Suggested things to do at India Gate may be found in any book but "Colouing tongue purple with Jamuns" is Delhi 101's special treat...
From book lovers to writer's who aspire to be published, from shopping freaks to wanderers, there is something for every category of people..From coin collectors to mud wrestling the unique blend of story  makes take you beyond a coffee table read... If you love the city you are definitely going to treasure this book..Don't take me wrong for all the good things I am putting forth, this book is definitely a wonderful read...
Jain's love for the city comes strikingly as you read through..His research and his deep affection as a traveler also appealed me..Like someone rightly points out when you travel one has to wear the hats of a traveler to see the real face of a place..The book has wonderful pictures to match the description making the read even more delightful..Had I laid my hands on this book before my visit to Delhi I would have enjoyed it even more...99th place is a way of discovering people of Delhi in its natural way,vendors to street dwellers and  few offbeats photos  are all bundled here..100th is the possibility of exploring Delhi through hot air balloon and the final 101 is dedicated to Kunzum travel cafe where you can meet fellow travelers and exchange your experiences..It also talks about club Kunzum and its travel deal, interested people can find more details here..
This book is published by their publishing house..For more details about their books visit their site...If you want to explore Delhi in taking a different path exploring the heart and soul of the city I highly recommend this book..

I was given a free copy in exchange of honest opinion, I am in no way affiliated to them..

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful Vibina. What I really appreciate is the fact that you have made the effort to read the book and have understood the essence of the same. Sure hope you are back in Delhi soon and explore the places and experiences mentioned. And do join us for coffee at the Kunzum Travel Cafe when you are around.

    Cheers... Ajay


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