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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book Review:The Ordinary Princess by M.M Kayne

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Once upon a time, there lived a girl who was the sweetheart of her father and princess of her mother, growing up as the darling of the house, she came to love stories, fairy tales in particular, every night her father would read to her the lovely illustrated fairy tales or just recall some random tale from his memory..Though she had not picked up the ability to read the, she always knew how all the story began even before her father started them she would start initiate as "Once upon a time", the bedtime stories became a pleasurable routine of the father daughter duo,the daughter looked forward to a new tale every night, at time she would request for a same tale over and over again..Cindrella, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, Beauty and the beast became every night guest taking her into the wonderful world of angels and fairies where everyone lived happily ever after...Her eyes would sparkle full of awe whenever The Prince killed a dragon and took the Princess home..She would laugh with sheer pleasure when good triumphed over the bad..Giggling, tears rolling were all part of the night with Moon and star watching over...After the story father always made it a point to emphasis on the moral of the story , slowly shaping her thoughts for the world beyond wonderful fairies and castles she was not yet ready...Finally when the cool breeze kissed the little girl goodnight she was already too sweetly mesmerized into colorful dreams... Through these tales slowly and steadily she learnt the importance of honesty, friendship, family and integrity, the love for books and tales was strongly rooted in her at a very early age, now that she is quite grown up she is fondly recollecting the tale she shared it with her father..Oh yea by now you would have guessed it right, That's me!!!!!!!!!!

The Ordinary Princess is one of my favorite tale though next to Cindrella...I am again asked to pick a fairy tale for my niece and here I am choosing this illustrated tale of The Ordinary Princess..After reading an ebook of it, I though of sharing it with all..
Long time ago in a far away land there lived a kind hearted King and Queen in a prosperous country with wonderful people.. To make everyday meaningful they were blessed with six beautiful, angelic princess whom they named after precious stone...When it was time for the seventh Princess the country was all eager , as they knew that the best was yet to be..As expected a beautiful, sweet little angel was born with golden curls,deep blue eyes with a twinkle..The baby instantly became a darling of all..When it was time to christian her a grand event was organized , invitations were sent far and wide, every single fairy was invited (with initial reluctance of the King)..Fairies bless her with good health, charm, grace, wit.. But alas!!!! the most powerful fairy god mother in her bitter mood bless or curse with her with with Ordinariness thus taking away the curls and beauty of the princess once for all..Though she was christened as Princess Amethyst Alexandra Augusta Araminta Adelaide Aurelia  Anne, she came to be known as Princess Amy Ordinary..But this became a boon in disguise to her, she was far away from the strict regime of  a royal upbringing, she enjoyed all happiness away from castle running through the meadow, walking in the woods filled with much more life..But then there came a time for her to get married , unfortunately none could look beyond the pain looking princess..Whoever came left unimpressed with her looks...Finally the King comes up with a grand plan of trapping Prince..Unable to bear all of this Princess Amy runs away from her castle to a far away land finding a job of as a maid in the kitchen in some castle, and there she stumbles upon Peregrin, a striking young boy just an ordinary like her..She has a secret to hold on and so does he..How everything culminates into a happily ending tale is enchantingly told The Ordinary Princess...

When I look at this tale , I see how Kayne spun everyday elements to live by in this one story..The importance to look beyond the physical appearance and how beauty shields away other important traits of a person is cleverly spun through The Ordinary Princess..Kayne  points out that though beauty might appeal  a person initially but its the person within the looks that really matters..Its a must read for middle grade and for those whose carry around the spirit of childhood...What else would you suggest??


  1. Great post VB!

    Your commentary really made me reflect how really good stories read and haerd during childhood can have such an impact on a person. Though my childhood stories were different, I have had similier experiances.

  2. Aww this sounds delightful and I would love to share this with my niece.


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