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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Book Review: Ramblings in Ireland by Kerry Dwyer

Title:Ramblings in Ireland
Author: Kerry Dwyer
Publisher: Create space Independent Publishing platform
Price:$ 9.9
Genre: Travelogue
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Source: Author

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This is a book about rambling in Ireland with her French husband Bertrand, they get lost, find their way back..Along the way they reminiscence , reflect upon things they come along, following their spirit to lead the way...

If you are looking for a travelogue that will enlighten you on Ireland that would help you to travel,well then this book is not for you..It is a personal take or like a journal entry of Kerry Dwyer with her French husband Bertrand...To start with this trip didn't happen to Kerry as a dream come true , because her other plans never materialized..She wanted to travel to Egypt but a civil war stopped her and her alternative plan was Ireland..But now with much preparation they head to Ireland which hardly help her..Like she says nothing can prepare one to travel to Ireland , one has to experience it truly to feel it...Born in England and settled in France she was looking forward for all new experience from this trip but for her husband it was a way to discover another culture and the way of people...First chapter the pre-Ramble gives an idea about her family especially her  Mum and Dad, her mom who quotes
"Google is not a replacement for a good library or a good encyclopedia"
Her life in England with short family outings till they settle down in a calm Hamlet in France , her mom still amuses the family with her FB posts and comments, Now if your starting to think that the rambling is getting off the track well then get used to it, this is how things are going to be....Finally she gets on to her holiday destiny with her husband through various troubles of budget travel, setting her foot in Ireland ..Her hosts gets confused with her maiden name it was amusing to read the subsequent response and to learn about her married name "Renaudineau"...First day is foggy and they get lost..The walker's walk doesn't go well like they had planned yet they manage to have some fun along the way..Meeting fellow travelers getting some tips their conversations with them help them a lot...Their appetite grows wide and far yet they feel hungry all the time..There are pretty amusing moments along the pages where she gets herself an oversize bra from a street vendor, some might feel she went overboard with many passages dedicated to the description, yet it was fun read..Their clothing doesn't help them through the rain in Ireland they are also shocked to discover the heavy price tag on almost everything ...When it deals with travel and walk Kerry and her husband gets it all wrong, the descriptions are often short while her conversations with pub attenders, waiters and people she gets talking are elaborate...But her contemplation on people, their thoughts, the cultural difference are absorbing and had a psychological insight to it ..This is what I liked the book for...

To get a hang about the book do not skip the introduction ..This would give a fair idea on what to expect...The book is pleasingly written, for me there were moments that I absolutely loved and moments that put me off still I enjoyed the book for her wit and the spirit that is contagious..Had the book been able to deliver more details as a travelogue I could have appreciated it even more...Go for it if you like a free spirited read about a personal rambling...


  1. Great review as always VB.

    Though it has been a while since I have read one, well written travelogues can be both entertaining as well as enlightening. They are even better if one is either planning to or has recently visited an area.

    Have you ever visited Ireland?

  2. Hi Vibina
    Thank you very much for taking the tile to read and review my book. I have linked to this post on my blog.
    Best wishes


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