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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Post: Reading an intergral part of me


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer..It's a chance to share the news...A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received  and share news about what it is coming up on the blog  for the week ahead...

Is reading important?? in short what's the whole fuss about reading!!!
For me my kinship with books goes back to the young me ,to whom my dad had to narrate bed time stories no matter who tired he was,later he read them to me from illustrated books, slowly inculcating  the habit...I loved the fairy tale where everyone lived happily ever after...The heroes who would always conquer the bad..It was only later that I realized everything don't come in white and black , there are shades of grey too..Being that said for me, I am never alone with books...It is a sort of  window that opens me to various countries, multifarious cultures,varied people and their lives  above all their thoughts, that in turn me a  better way of looking at things..I am sure movies, internet also gives you that angle through characters but for me I always came back to my first love that is books... Personally I have felt that reading a book needs a lot more focus and concentration ,while reading on internet is easy with more more information, going by key words not only narrow down the search but also the source of reading....I am more distracted with the possibility to browse other things and the occasional pop ups..I do agree that advent of internet has improved the horizon of reading but there are certain books that dates back to century back that it only available in hard copy..Nothing really matches the age of fragrance of books...People read for many reasons, some read to show off to their colleagues and friends, some do it stand out in a crowd while others do it for the sheer pleasure of reading, though all are valid reasons, only a deep love for reading can stand the test of time... I will not go into good and bad reading, this time but I would emphasis on the importance to choose books wisely...Some might point out that reading literature and classic is a waste of time and energy for a person who is not in the same arena of profession, but I feel that reading can never be categorized.. Classics has a way of slowly enveloping you in the warm comfort and change the reader for good..I also believe that thoughts and the way of life through Biography can influence a reader that no other means can do...Haven't you felt that reading always gives an edge during a conversation providing one with loops to carry forward a conversation with confidence???To close my thoughts I would add that our brain is designed to think, its better to provide it food for sensible thinking ,else it would choose its course, making it a typical of a devils workshop....So why not read!!!!

I had a good week with consistent blogging and reading..

Mistress by Anita Nair 
Blood of flowers by Anita
Tamarind city by Bishwanath Ghosh
Bankster by Ravi Subramanian

Blog tour
All I want for Christmas by Lisa Mondello 
Reconstructing Jackson by Holly Bush

Weekly meme
Monday mailbox
Tuesday teasday

Random Musings
Top 50 reads

There were no shopping hauls as I have made up by mind not to buy any new books until I am done with my blog posts on the existing stack..Do have a great week ahead...Happy reading...


  1. I agree exactly...why not read? There's so much to be experienced, learned, and enjoyed! Great post, and happy reading!

    Check out my IMM & SP.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  2. Reading is such a daily part of my life, I cannot imagine my life without books or the fictional characters who reside in them. Great thoughts and I look forward to the week ahead. The Sunday Post

  3. I very much agree with your thoughts on reading. Not only in conversation, but in many aspects of life reading seems to provide one with additional tools.

    There has been a lot of discussion lately about how the internet is destroying deeper reading. On the other hand it allows folks to connect who never would have. In away I feel that being part of the world of book blogging is like being part of a large, international book club that can be accessed at any time.

  4. I love your thoughts about books this week :)


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