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Friday, September 14, 2012

Book Review: Fractured Legends by Kranthi Askani

Title:Fractured Legends
Author: Kranthi Askani
Publisher: APK Publisher
Price: Rs 192
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9381791074
Genre: Fiction/ Contemporary/ Indian writer
Rating: 4 out of 5
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Three lives string together by fractured past though in a different way yet similar to each other....

The book opens up with temple slave who a life of immortality..She eventually leaves the life for a life in flesh..She believes that a life with people surrounded by love and bit of sadness is better than a life frozen to time immemorial..There are three protagonist plus a character with a shade of grey...First protagonist , is a temple slave who takes the form in flesh at night and freezes back to rock as the day dawns, there are thousands of them in the temple..One day she decides to leave all that behind to become a human after being blessing by her queen, oh yeah these temple slaves do have their queen who has her own misery and trouble to take care of , yet she blesses her with a silver ring, that supposedly carries some magic...After becoming human She like all mortals grows up in a household surrounded by love and sibling, sister -in law ( she share s a special bond with her), and then she gets married to Narisimha..He is a lovely husband and a dotting father, she goes on to have a baby girl Pravalli..Aradya is one of the temple slave who doesn't choose a life of flesh and remains as a temple slave for ever ., as time passes she turns into a shade of grey to dark causing lot of trouble ....Aradya's soul goal is to destroy the manuscript written by the former so as to protect the other temple slaves... This introduces the reader to the next character Nandhini, she is a professional assassin..Through her actions and every moment she contemplates her life before and after her choice of work... Her own father left her at a tender age and as a newly wed she loses both her husband and mother her leaving her with yet to be born baby to raise alone...She makes her choice to become an assassin and is portrayed to have done the job to perfection till date....Her current assignment is to retrieve the manuscript .,when her own life gets entangled in a bloody affair, she has no choice but go for it as her own son's life is at stake...Then finally we are introduced to Pravalli daughter of the temple slave who grows up to hate her mother ....Her mother's secret as a temple slave as it unveils becomes very hard for Pravalli to take in and accept her...Final chapters are her long letter describing her mother ....Askani's writing is fresh and interesting,what I liked was his love for  details..I liked the way he chose the characters to be draped in saree  even Nandhini was quiet comfortable in it...Nandhini's character was the most developed she had substance and character, she was strong and a determined lady..her son Dilip was a wonderful treat to read..Fractured legends explores an agonizing past of all the protagonist,  they are all trying to forget and erase the past and move on , yet from the back of their mind it pops up time and again tormenting them...Askani's writing quite poetic during the first few chapters but the readers do get the hint that he is a debutante writer..But his love for the contemporary with a dash of grey and unique vantage makes the book enduring...

Book 20 for SAC - 10 more to go!!!

I received a copy of this book to review..The thoughts expressed are my own reflection and I am not in any away associated with any third party for a positive feedback..

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