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Sunday, September 30, 2012

September wrap up

Its been four months of book blogging and I am in love with it..Reading had always been fun and pleasure to me and my blog has helped me to be more organized...Blog has been greatest inspiration for me to read more from varied genre and authors...I know this is just a start yet I am allowed to celebrate a bit for all of it...I want to dancing in the rain with some Irish coffee and some Indian snack...I finished my good read challenge of completing 60 books so just to know my limit I pushed it to 100..For south Asian reading challenge there are 7 more books to go....Though for short story challenge I am yet to open account (just lazying around to write about- no no it is not procrastination)..This month I have been brimming with confidence hence I signed up for two more challenges, with 3 more months to go I am all set for the challenges and tours....One point where I need to improve is my spell error, I should pay more attention to it....Good month every one..

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  1. Congratulations on four months VB! You always seem to pick great books and your commentary is always insightful! Can't wait to read about what you read next!


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