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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love, peace and happiness:what more can you want? by Rituraj Verma

Title: Love, peace and happiness: what more can you want?
Author: Rituraj Verma
Publisher: Leadstart publishing Pvt Ltd
Pages: 223
ISBN: 9381836345
Genre: short stories/ well being/psychology
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Publisher

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It is a collection of short stories were in each story centers on the life of an urban middle class character caught in a set of circumstances beyond his or her control.Live -in relationships, Divorce, search for soul mate and true love, obsession, love, ego, government reservations for the minority community all forms the base of the stories becoming a well structured read..

Reading the introduction got me skeptical .,Verma claims that all the characters in the short stories are like real life characters.,I felt well ., that's what every contemporary author claims to write...Having felt that I started with High Heaven the first story and things just clicked on from then on....The initial skeptism helped me see through all aspects of the characters and stories and letting me enjoy the read...Each story carries its own underlying message apt for the day we live in without., and Verma cleverly chooses not to preach them rather let the reader dwell on them with unique perception..One interesting part of the book is readers can write their desired endings to each story on the website., if they don't like the author's say... The book is also about many conflict of interests.,such as money and happiness., love and lust.,duty and desire., I am sure every individual has to make his priorities at some point in life...Verma plays with the characters very interestingly., there are few characters who play a cameo in the other stories providing a continuity to the whole book, so in a way you feel that each story is interwoven beautifully with each thread playing its part... I loved all the female characters of Verma more than their male counterpart .,even if few appeared for a brief time..Be it Aparna a family's bread winner., Anamika a talented ,young, vivacious and independent girl, Paromita is forced to take up prostitution after her husband throws her out of home is quite a thought provoking lady, Payal a highly successful doctor who keep adjusting with her vantage and life just to give way for her husband's ego., okay I agree that male characters had high stuffs too but somehow female characters linger around..Verma's writing is easy and all the characters gets easily absorbed... Life's changing priorities., inability to cope up with stress, people craving for attention, love and affection are all woven throughout the Verma's work ...
Most stories explores the physical intimacy more than needed, or its just me who felt so....The stories also question the extend of moral benchmark of the Indian society and its relevance on the road we are travelling., and I know for sure that it is one point today's generation is struggling to fine tune....Most middle class of today's generation are born to a traditional family raised wrapped in it and all of a sudden find themselves at the midst of all modern era unable to fit the value they held on to, nor able to leave the life they are in due to career and education., and there begins a personal struggle to find a balance between the family's expectations and personal desire... Though we all agree that the one's ethics cannot be every bodys' way of life.,yet it is high time we rethink on the rusted system and believes, though Verma is quick to point out that traditions are to be preserved, but not blindly carried on...The book is a great companion for a relaxing read., especially for a travel....

From the back cover
Stories surround us. Stories about people like us who make difficult and often complex choices that sometimes astound us. You must have come across some people in your own life who closely resemble the characters in these stories. Maybe you have gone through trying moments in your life too. For instance, have you ever been bugged enough with your partner to want to leave? Have you ever had to choose between love and money? Have you ever had to compete with your partner? Have you ever felt that your family weighs you down when it comes to choosing your partner? At times like these, havent you wished that things happened differently and that you could change how they ended? Now you will control how the stories in this book end.

Each story centres on the life of an urban middle class character caught in a set of circumstances beyond his or her control. A Hindu girl living in with a Muslim boy is suddenly in the glare of global media in a reality TV show, a divorced cynical man faces the prospect of committing himself to a prostitute, a highly talented small town girl must choose between life and death. All must resolve the conflicts within their beliefs. Read the way the stories end in the book, but if you dont agree with the ending, visit the website for alternate endings. If you dont like the way the stories end there either, write your own, and if your ending is selected, see it in print in the next print run with your name in the acknowledgements. Hoping to change the world, one story at a time

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  1. thanks vibina for such an intelligent review...

  2. As usual your commentary is interesting helpful and analytical VB!

    These stories sound good. You wrote - "Most middle class of today's generation are born to a traditional family raised wrapped in it and all of a sudden find themselves at the midst of all modern era unable to fit the value they held on to..."

    I think that this is also true of many preceding generations!


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