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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Review:Magic Study by Maria V Snyder

Title: Magic Study
Author: Maria V Snyder
Page: 432
Genre: Fantasy/Series
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Source: ebook

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Buy Magic study from

Being with people like her and reunited with family is not a happy tale ans she finds herself surrounded with more mystery and trouble....Learning to control her power and making good use of it is her main task under the guidance of Irys...She still longs for a life as a food taster with Valek around in the commander's palace...Slowly she discovers her  powers and the risks involved., to add there are disappearnce and death....She is still wondering about her life before prior to the life in orphanage...

Magic study is the second book of the trilogy series..First is Poison Study .,I throughly enjoyed reading that I started to read this one side by side..Inspite of gaining her freedom from being a food taster she is to forced to flee Ixia due to  an order of execution being passed ..Separated from Valek her life  is not pleasing with her brother Leif suspecting her to be a spy..United with her family and Yelana finds herself very different from her fellow Sitians..Yelana's parents shower her with all love and from then on her magic study begins.. New place brings in new characters and of course that didn't make me miss Valek....Cahil and Yelana's dislike for each other is quite obvious., he also claims to be the only surviving heir to Ixian throne..Yelana learns many things including horse ride., there she realises that she can hold on a conversation with the animals, her horse is Kiki ..This part seemed pretty amusing to be but it might appear very irritating to others....On the other hand Leif and Yelana share a love hate relationship and that is quiet understanable as they were estranged at a younger age and Leif is clad with guilt of not saving his younger sibling..I loved how Snyder developed each character with their specialization in magic or fantasy with their own weakness..Plot was interesting with mystery, hatred, magic and love..You would end up missing the vibrant characters Charlie and Janco of the previous book as much you end up liking the new ones..Snyder's writing is so well defined that any reader who hasn't read the previous book can read this and still understand the plot with clarity..By the end of this book Snyder prepares us for the next part Fire study...Yelana continues to be fantastic in this series,missing her love Valek and when they meet ., those brief pages Snyder makes it memorable...Her lessons with Master magician Irys is equally good with quircky moments as she slowly discovers her strengths and weakness..There are pretty interesting things such as her journey to Avibian planes, life in Citadel, learning about Sanseed clan., though these were good I couldn't find it great..The brilliance of Poison study is somehow missing but that definitely stop me from reading the next book either...It is a good read to anyone who loved the poison study and for those who love fanatasy for a change of genre....

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  1. I like fantasy books and used to read them more. This sounds like fantasy that is a little different from most.

    It sounds like you like the first book in the series a little better. While not universally true, I find that the second book of a series id often a little bit of a let down.


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