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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shopping Haul

I have been busy enough, not to indulge in shopping,all I could do was online shopping lol....One advantage of online shopping is that books are at your doorstep and nowadays shipping is free, but then you miss reading few pages before buying them..Another point is I only buy what I desire not some more books that I end up buying while browsing for the book in my mind..So here are the book which I wanted to buy for sometime....I did keep my first aim to indulge in shopping only after finishing up  with the previous list but I couldn't do justice to the second aim to write all about it...May be next time...All the books were purchased from have only listed the books inside information will follow as I write about them in my later posts..Here I go.....

Cleopatra: a life by Stacy Schiff

I was meaning to buy this book but then procrastination(oh yea even for shopping) got over me , but after reading a wonderful commentary by Brian Joseph of Babbling books I couldn't help but buy..You get out his commentary here. His commentary are absolute treat do check it out if you haven't so far..

A woman in the Crossfire:Diaries of the Syrian Revolution by Samar Yazbek, Max Weiss

This is another book I had been eying for this book  for sometime, after my mother spoke high of it..These are the books books I bought

Pax Indica by Shashi Tharoor

Joseph Anton by Salman Rushidie
India's biggest cover up by Anuj Dhar
I am all excited about my purchase and I am sure I am going to love all of them...I hope to write about my last haul soon...

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  1. What great haul of books VB!

    Thanks so much on the good word about my commentary on Cleopatra: A Life. I loved that book. I cannot wait to hear what you think of it.

    I love Salman Rushidie but have not read this new memoir.

    The other books look great too!


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