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Saturday, September 8, 2012

God loves fun by Sri Sri Ravi SHankar

Book: God loves fun
Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Publisher:Jaico Publisher
Genre: Spiritual philosophy
Reading year: 2003
Source: Personal

I happened to attend a workshop organised by The Art of Living., though I am not onto Godman and  preachers of spiritual life., Sri Sri Ravishankar is more on to Yoga., and he chooses yoga , meditation as a tool to make his points., though I am not so fond of him or his work., its always pleasing to hear his voice or to see him talk., there is a positive aura that surrounds that is quite contagious..There is no denying that his yoga workshop through The art of living is amazing too..Being said that I was reminded of this book that I read couple of years ago..As the title goes it is indeed fun reading the book., though the subject that it deals are quite serious., he chooses fun and humor to convey a broader message..Ravi Shankar insists that Gods is not someone who has to be dealt seriously and its not just prayers that you approach god or the high existence., He distinguishes between the spiritual life from religious life and the similarities between them...He also points out that laughter is the best therapy., okay that one we all know isn't., but what he suggests are paths to attain that happiness and peace..One of his messages are that., in a relation its not the person who hurts but the expectation that one attaches .,this one particular quotes somehow stayed with me ....There are paths described to reach spirituality in an enjoyable way...I liked the way he made use of examples that we get to observe everyday around us to make his point., like a leaf floating on a flowing water is compared with a free mind that can happily travel any curve., while troubled mind is compared with a stone that sinks onto the bottom of the bed unable to move...According to him to make opinion can get a person to be attached which would never let a person to live freely...He says not to hurry in love., for love is always relaxed ( that again was good one)...There is another quote that I found interesting
"Thinking is like chewing gum...It doesn't produce anything..You can think about only those things which you know.."
 I am sure if I were more in to spiritual philosophy I would have enjoyed it even more...This book is an enjoyable read to even a person who is not interested in a spiritual way of life......


  1. Though I cannot say that i agree with all of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar beliefs, I really like the idea of the easygoing fun view of life and existence. I think that many of us would do well, take a step back and take on a little bit more of this attitude!

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